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Describe two issues over which Labour and Conservatives disagree.

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a) Outline two functions of political parties. The first function of a political party is that it should represent the views of their members and supporters. Another function of a political party is to gain power via elections. They also encourage political participation from the public. b) Describe two issues over which Labour and Conservatives disagree. A main issue that the two main parties disagree on, is the joining of the single Euro currency. The Conservatives believe that Britain should not join the Euro. The Conservatives believe that if Britain joined the Euro then we would lose too much power, as interest rates would not be set by the Bank of England, but by a central bank in Brussels. This could mean that the interest rate set is too high or too low for the British Economy. If the Bank of England set it, it would be more in touch of the economy in England rather than making a compromise for all the other countries. ...read more.


The three who followed Thatcher were, and are currently seen as too quiet towards the public. John Major started off well enough, but the topic that divided his party was the matter of Europe. Also a topic that lost him confidence from the public was when Major went against his main objective, which was to keep a low inflation. In Sept 1992, Black Wednesday occurred when Britain had to spend �10bn in one day to try and maintain the value of the pound. This didn't work and the Conservatives lost economic backing and competence of the general public. By this time the Conservatives were beginning to appear sleazy, where as the Labour Party appeared better and better. The next leader was Hague. Hague had a four-year patch as the Tories leader but never really took control. He has been described as a populist. There is not much more that can be said about Hague apart from under him the party did not appear to be too badly divided, yet he never truly seemed to be in control. ...read more.


Another major reason why I think that this party looks strong and united is because the party has been out of power for so long prior to the past two terms that they are determined to make the time in power last. I also think that Tony Blair is a strong leader who is able to diffuse any problems that arise within the party, internally, before they might be leaked through to the press. Overall I think it is hard to tell which party is most united as I think it can be disguised well by a strong prominent leader type figure. The Conservatives are definitely divided, but they don't have a strong leader who could get a hold of the party and make them get into shape. I think that the Lib Dems are united, but it is hard to say how much, as the press do not spend as much time discussing them. Overall I would say that the labour party appear to be the most united out of all three, and this is partly down to Tony Blairs ability to maintain the respect from all of his supporters and MPs. ...read more.

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