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Discuss Gambling attitudes.

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"Gambling is defined as risking money or something of value on the outcome of an event involving chance when probability of winning or losing is less than certain."i Over the past ten years, Ontario has undergone a dramatic change in gambling attitudes. Since the legalization of gambling in Ontario in 1994, there has been an explosion of gambling opportunities for the public. From commercial casinos to lottery tickets to off-track betting, it is easier to gamble today than ever before. While the government promotes the gambling industry to supplement tax revenues, it has not allocated sufficient funds nor taken adequate corrective measures for dealing with the social and financial consequences that are created by addictive gambling. While some people can gamble in a responsible manner, others have trouble controlling their gambling habit. A survey conducted in 2001 by Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse showed that approximately 340,000 people in Ontario were experiencing moderate to severe gambling addictions. ...read more.


If the gambler is not focused or absent from work, he may be fired which could add to his financial difficulty that started with his gambling habit. Crime is sometimes used to support gambling habits after bank accounts are exhausted. Gambling is also associated with health problems. Approximately one in every four moderate to severe gamblers is seeing a doctor for stress related problems and approximately one in three gamblers have habitual feelings of depression.vi Many gamblers are also dealing with existing illnesses such as cancer, HIV, Parkinson's disease and chronic pain. They are often using gambling as an outlet for their pain and suffering. Another problem that gamblers develop is poor sleep and nutrition habits. They are often too busy to deal with their personal needs and allow their health to waste away. The compulsive gambler is costing an overwhelming amount of money for the government with healthcare needs.vii Casino revenue throughout Ontario is estimated at seventeen billion dollars since 1975 from sources such as ...read more.


However, neither these measures nor the allocated funds are sufficient to stop the ripple effect of problem gambling. The Ontario government welcomes casinos and other forms of gambling eagerly as it brings in huge revenue for their government. Their claim is that it supports important community needs like healthcare and education. However, raising money through gambling addictions has many negative consequences. Increasing gambling opportunities encourages more people to partake in recreational gambling and problem gambling. The government should take a much larger proportion of the revenue generated and use it to control the gambling explosion, to rehabilitate addicted gamblers and address the social consequences of addictive gambling. The Ontario government has carried out the legalization of commercial casinos but the people of Ontario are the recipients of a flawed system that feeds into and allows gambling addictions to start and flourish. Ultimately, the people of Ontario suffer and this affects society as a whole. i http://www.cpha.ca/english/policy/pstatem/gambling/page1.htm ii http://www.oma.org/pcomm/OMR/mar/03gambling.htm iii http://www.responsiblegambling.org/faqs_details.cfm?ID=44 iv http://www.sprc.hamilton.on.ca/Casino%20Impacts.htm v http://www.pris.bc.ca/trcs/spcs/problem-gambling.html#EFFECTS%20OF%20PROBLEM%20GAMBLING%20ON%20THE%20FAMILY vi http://www.mediresource.sympatico.ca/chn/gambling.asp?channel_id=58&menu_item_id=72 vii http://www.mediresource.sympatico.ca/chn/gambling.asp?channel_id=58&menu_item_id=72 viii http://corporate.olgc.ca/corp_economic.jsp ix http://www.cpha.ca/english/policy/pstatem/gambling/page2.htm ...read more.

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