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Effects of Foreign Interference on Nicaragua

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Effects of Foreign Interference on Nicaragua IB History SL Shawn Abrahim Sunday December 17, 2000 Effects of Foreign Interference on Nicaragua Nicaragua is a beautiful country, yet it has many deep scars. The beautiful beaches, tropical forests, lakes and mountains of this small Latin American country hide the wounds caused by foreigners, well. This poor country has been occupied dozens of times by persons who claim to know what is best for this country. Nicaragua has been ruled by the Spanish empire, Conquistadors, Mexico, a confederation of Central American States, Honduras, several dictators, a socialist-styled government, the U.S. marines, so called "puppet leaders", and finally as it stands, a democratically elected government. Since the turn of the century, no country has had more influence on this poverty-stricken country then the United States of America. The foreign policies of the United States have resulted in an overall decline in the Nicaraguan peoples quality of life. The United States has been directly involved in the erosion of the Nicaraguan economy, political stability, and also its social infrastructure. The present situation of Nicaragua can be directly linked to the United States' policies. The Nicaraguan economy has been traditionally based on agriculture, light industrial production, and exports. The United States destroyed these industries to a point where they are only fractionally as productive as previously. During the 1970's, the agriculture industry of Nicaragua was split into two parts. Most farmers owned the land that they farmed. ...read more.


The U.S. has undermined the present government of Nicaragua by attacking Nicaraguan government troops through the use of the contras. They have undermined the Nicaraguan government's ability to dictate its own economic affairs by using sanctions and other not so friendly methods such as mining Nicaraguan waters. They refuse to recognize any leftist government of Nicaragua as legitimate and the U.S. claims to know what is best for Nicaraguans. However, there is a clear division of interests, the interests of the U.S. place the interests of Nicaragua second and as such, the quality of life of Nicaraguans has suffered immensely. The U.S' s main concern with Nicaragua was that Nicaragua was falling under the Soviet sphere of influence. As soon as the new Sandinista government began supporting social programs and redistributing wealth in a more fair and healthy way, the U.S. government cried "commie". By attacking the Sandinsta government, the U.S. has pushed many true democrats and moderate liberals, into waiting Soviet arms. The U.S. claims to stand for freedom and democracy, but in practice they have been highly hypocritical. They for years openly supported fascist dictators who brutally oppressed and killed large amounts of people. In Nicaragua, the U.S. supported the pre-Sandinista, Somoza dictatorship whose family stole millions out of Nicaraguan tax coffers and abused the poor taking kickbacks from the rich. Yet, the U.S. supported the corrupt Somoza family because at that time, it was profitable, Somoza's let in huge U.S. ...read more.


All of Nicaragua's wonderful social services were destroyed by the United States. What were once, proud educational systems, health systems, and social welfare systems, have been destroyed by the United States in its diabolical quest to destroy the Sandinista socialist government. The United States has used its might, economic sanctions, contra-war, and its influence, to destroy the lives of these now-impoverished people. By destroying these previously successful social services, the US has caused an overall decline in the quality of the Nicaraguans' lives. "Sandinista reforms are succeeding despite immense economic and military pressure from Washington. If Nicaragua is indeed a threat to U.S. interests (as President Regan asserts), it is a threat because of the hope its example gives to the poor. Hope is a gift that the poor seldom receive, and it threatens the dominant economic interests (local and foreign) of Central America"10 The foreign policies of the United States have resulted in an overall decline in the Nicaraguan peoples quality of life. The United States has been directly involved in the erosion of the Nicaraguan economy, political stability, and finally its social infrastructure. They have done so using tools such as funding, directing, and militarily, supporting the contra war, by emplacing economic sanctions and encouraging or forcing allies to do the same, and by using their shear might and influence to their own vile ends. The U.S. destroyed a remarkable attempt by the Sandinista's to help Nicaragua out of poverty. They had no proper justification. Only now, close to twenty years later, are corrections to the damage slowly being accomplished. ...read more.

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