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Extracts 1 and 2 disagree about weather China should host the 2008 Olympic games. How do you account for the differences? Explain your answer using the sources and the knowledge from your studies.

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Extract 1 says "China's appalling record on human rights should have disqualified it from hosting this or any other Olympics until it has put its house it order" Extract 2 says hosting the Olympics would "greatly inspire the patriotism of the Chinese people" and promote China's "reform and opening up". Extracts 1 and 2 disagree about weather China should host the 2008 Olympic games. How do you account for the differences? Explain your answer using the sources and the knowledge from your studies. The Olympic games are the biggest sporting event in the world, and for a country to be awarded the honour of hosting the event will bring them great prestige. The country will also receive a lot of publicity because all the world's media will be covering the event. The Olympics have been used to make political stands through out its history. In 1936 Adolf Hitler used the Olympic games to show the superiority of the Arian race, but black athlete thwarted his plan. In 1972 in Munich Israel terrorists killed Palestine athletes because they knew it would be publicised over the whole world. Also in Moscow in 1980 USA boycotted the Olympic games because they were protesting over Russia invading Afghanistan. ...read more.


A problem with this policy was that if a family had a girl the parents would murder her so they could boy for a boy. This was because Chinese traditionally value sons more than daughters. As there would have been less people there should have been an improvement in living standards but there wasn't. This source links in with sources A and B because they all show a lack of personal freedom. This source is portraying the facts and the information is fairly accurate because it comes from a text, which will be used in schools. I will now move on to look at the sources, which look at China in a positive way. I will start with source A, this is a picture showing a students protesting in Tiananmen Square in 1989. The source states that China's soldiers exercised the 'highest degree of restraint' and that if they wanted to the soldiers could have moved past the 'lone scoundrel'. This image and the commentary were broadcasted on Chinese T.V and so would have been controlled by the Chinese government. All the media in China, including the Internet, newspapers, magazines, radio and the government controlled television. ...read more.


Where as the sources written by the East have been censored by the Chinese Government, or written by the government and also only exaggerate the good points of China. Here is only one source which has a balanced opinion on China and that's source C. But again this source is also unreliable because it's from a charity organisation, so they do not want to upset the Chinese government by criticising the country because they want money from them. The sources, which could be used to argue for China hosting the Olympic games, are A, D, F and H. These sources are all written by the Chinese government or under their control and only have a one sided opinion, which makes them unreliable to use. The sources, which could be used to argue against China hosting the Olympic games are A, D, F, and H. But these sources are not entirely accurate or reliable because they are written by the West and focus mainly on the bad points. Certain places in the West do not agree with China hosting the Olympic games and so have tried to damage Chinas credibility. The Chinese believe that many other improvements have been made in their country E.g. increased literacy levels, improved health care, reduced infant mortality etc, and their human rights should not be the only issue considered. ...read more.

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