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Freedom To Try

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Albert Alvarado ToK 6th period February 27, 2006 Freedom To Try The freedom to try is the limit that society places on us, beginning with our family and ending with our government. Our freedom to try has different factors that limit to what extent we can do something until society begins to limit our freedom. The factors that limit us are our family, our friends, media, government and science. These factors basically make up our lives and as a result of these factors, our lives are structured the way they are. From our early childhood, these factors come into play and begin to limit our freedom to try, beginning with our family. Our family has an immense influence in our life as we grow up. We grow up with rules that limit our own freedom and we see those limits through a different point of view that depends on where and how our own parents were raised. Our parents show us what we can and cannot do thus our freedom to try has its first limits set on it. ...read more.


Media has many ways of limiting mans freedom to try. Media brings us news of the world and events that we wouldn't be able to know otherwise. If media presents this information in a certain way, they can manipulate the truth. Manipulating the truth can make it seem other countries have very little freedom compared to our nation thus leading us to believe that we should be happy with the way our lives are. The media's information then can change our subconscious thus changing how we view the world. The information that is given to us, most of the time comes from government related topics. Our freedom to try is the result of our government giving us these freedoms, but sometimes even the government can limit our freedoms in order to benefit the country. The government can be seen as another type of "parent" by which our freedoms are limited and in return they are benefited and so are we (most of the time).Our government may limit our freedom in order to keep peace or stability in the economy. ...read more.


The subconscious (frequently misused and confused with the unconscious) is that merely autonomic function of the brain. As our brain takes in information, we have many external sources telling us what we can and cannot do so as time goes by, our subconscious begins to change the way we function. We begin to function the way that we are told to, thus our freedom to try has its limits placed. I believe that the freedom to try in this country is in an acceptable state. People could bring up many amenities that they cannot have because media, society, (family and friends) and the government has set limits on their freedom to try. But there are more amenities that we could say that our government does allow us to do when compared to other countries throughout the world. Freedom will always have limits in order to maintain order and then again, freedom will sometimes have limits set on it because people think its right. Our freedom to try does have its limits but I can't think of any one limit that would prevent us from living a happy fun live with our family, and in the end I think that's the most important factor in our lives. ...read more.

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