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Gun control

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Gun Control Did you know that United States has the highest rate of gun ownership and suicidal attempts with a gun? Believe it or not but in Michigan, people can actually receive a rifle for free just by opening a time deposit account. These issues sum up for the importance of gun control. Gun control should be strictly constructed in the United States so that our society would not deteriorate. Increase in gun control is congenial. It will decrease violence and there would be less population that will die by guns. Gun control is a must in our society. In our Bill of Rights, citizens have the right to bear arms. This right is not so beneficial to us because if we have gun ownership, we also have the power and authority to abuse it and do whatever we want. If a person does not have self-control he or she might produce violence with a gun and someone could get hurt. To stop these problems from occurring, Congress should tighten the gun law to ban gun violence. Also, media should support gun control because the use of guns can easily; influence the innocent minds of, most notably the children. ...read more.


Hunting should be diminished as recreation so that it would not advertise gun violence. For self-defense, people should use alternatives other than guns because guns are usually fatal and it would most likely cause death. Citizens should carry around alternatives such as pepper spray or tazers. They are less harmful and they do not kill likes guns would. Increase in gun control can also decrease domestic violence. Arthur Kellermann provides evidence that in a household with a firearm present has a higher homicidal rate then the houses that do not have a gun in their house. Advocates supporting gun rights think that having a gun in homes will provide protection for the family. But, what if spouses were inclined to be in contact with the firearm? Wouldn't that risk the chances of being unprotected? Kids would also have access to this deadly weapon and they will be capable of shooting someone. On February 29, 2000 at Buell Elementary School, 6-year old Dedrick Owens shot classmate Kayla Rolland with a caliber handgun found in his house. The gunshot was fatal and she passed away while in cardiac arrest. ...read more.


Gun exposure in our culture should be depressed from growing. We should push for gun control by showing the bad affects of owning a gun through gun education. This will show the people the idea that guns are not always good and it will lower the homicidal rates of guns. Having background checks for people who want to purchase guns is a sound idea so that we would not let people with mental disabilities carry guns. We should promote gun control advertisements and in turn make gun crime punishment stricter. These also can be the solutions to limiting gun violence in our society. Gun control is needed so our living conditions can improve and work properly. Guns are tools for crimes and they are deadly in the hands of criminals. We have to stop easy access to gun ownership for the sake of our children and lives of others. Guns do not belong in the hands of our citizens; soldiers in wars only use guns to protect our country in cases of crisis. Owning a gun does not make a person more secured but it only hurts others and it might as well injure the gun owner too. If strict gun control is not enforced, someday our country will have a huge defect and our society will deflate just like a balloon. ...read more.

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