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If Apartheid was such an evil system explain the attitudes of the white government, which defended the system for so long.

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If Apartheid was such an evil system explain the attitudes of the white government, which defended the system for so long. * White government doesn't have to take account of other countries. * Whites actually thought they were superior to the blacks. * Greed-whites gained from the system. * Whites felt threatened by black majority. * Whites did not want to admit defeat. The white government started of with the best interests of everybody in South Africa. It did not stay like that the government started to abuse a poorly designed system. The system was originally designed as a method for separating two sets of people who had deep set hatred for each other and this was not a bad idea. ...read more.


This made them think that it is ok to treat them however they liked it is immature views like this that cause the abuse of the laws that are the apartheid and cause the suffering of the blacks. Another reason for the misuse of the apartheid and what I would consider the most important reason for the misuse of the apartheid is greed. Greed is capable of making the most moral people forget their morals. It is this greed for economic power that the resources and the cheep labour of the apartheid gave them. The whites felt threatened by the black majority. If they gave them the chance to vote they would give up the life they have been living so far throughout the existence of the apartheid. ...read more.


So as it is mainly greed that caused the apartheid to be upheld the other aspects also had a role to play. These aspects may have kept the apartheid going and these are the reason the apartheid is such an evil but it was not such an evil system at the start. At the start the main reason is avoiding the civil war and all of those things. Some people think that this did actually happen and that although the apartheid was uneven in the way it treats the different people South Africa would have been worse of and in a state of famine and civil war. So I think that the reasons for the apartheid changed throughout its existence By Rachael Stow ...read more.

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