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Illegal immigration and its effects on the American economy.

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David Schuster Mr. Roberts Poli Sci 120 14-May-03 Illegal Immigration and its effects on the American Economy The Unites States of America has two neighbors. It shares its border to the north with Canada, and it shares its borders in the south with Mexico. The northern border is probably the biggest unguarded border in the world. The south border to Mexico is probably the most guarded in this hemisphere. The reason for that is because the Unites States lies in between two worlds. Canada and the USA both have a stable economy and strong currency. Mexico, on the other hand the gate to Latin America with its instability and corruptive governments. Mexico consequently became the start off base for the immense flow of illegal immigration from all over the southern continent. The struggling of the US gets everyday more by keeping the illegal flow of immigrants out of the country. There have been reforms, treaties and billions of dollars spent to stop the illegal immigration, but nothing was successful yet. This paper will address controversial question like are illegal immigrants boosting the American economy? Can the money spent on illegal immigration become a major problem for the United States government? ...read more.


This was a good idea for reforming and dealing with all those illegal immigrants that lived in the United States already. The problem is just that the idea spread so fast that a border rush would become inevitable. In 1986, the government did the same, and granted amnesty to nearly 3.2 million4 illegal immigrants. Now, there are around 9 million, as mentioned earlier, and the result is that amnesty simply makes the problem worse. Why? That is very simple, because that way the illegal immigrants get encouraged to stay long enough and wait until the government grants amnesty again. The new policy by Bush does not even have a "get-tough element, [which gives] the people the message that America's doors are open wide,"9 says McLaughlin. This law is supposed to protect the jobs of American workers, and all it does is allow illegal immigrants to come here and to be exploited by their employers, especially when there are no get-tough elements. The main mood about Amnesty is very clear and McLaughlin states that Bush's plan states clearly "If u sneak in and keep your head down, we'll eventually give you a green card."10 With all those laws, and reforms, the main question is: how much taxpayer money gets spent in protecting the Mexican boarder? ...read more.


David Masci sums this very controversial issue very well up. I think this comment from him; explain very well where we stand about immigration in the US:" Unskilled workers created by higher levels of immigration have greatly contributed to the nation's prosperity." 19 1 Millman, Joel. "Beefed up Border Patrol Patrolling Fails to Curb Illegal Immigration". The Wall Street Journal July 17, 2002 2 Spencer, Glen . "Proposition 187: text of Proposed Law" American Patrol, 1994, California http://www.americanpatrol.com/REFERENCE/prop187text.html 3 Spencer, Glen 4 Kenneth, Jost, "Should Government benefit and services be cut?" CQ Researcher. Cracking down on Immigration. February 03, 1995Masci 5 Masci, David. "Can immigration and drug problems be solved?" CQ Researcher. U.S.-Mexico Relations. November 09, 2001 6 Masci 7 Masci 8 Masci 9 Masci 10 McLaughlin, Abraham, Axtman, Kris. "Amnesty may trigger border rush." Christian Science Monitor. July 26, 2001 11 Griswold , Daniel 11Joel, Millman 12 Patrick Marshall, "Can the United States guard against terrorists?" CQ Researcher Policing the Border. February 22, 2002 13 Joel Millman 14 Griswold, Daniel 15 Griswold 16 David Masci 17 Griswold 18Griswold 19 Masci, David . "Does the U.S. admit too many newcomers?" CQ Researcher .Debate over Immigration. July 14, 2000 1 ...read more.

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