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In October 1999 President Jiang Zernin visited the UK. There were a number of demonstrations about human rights in China and China's treatment of Tibet. Do you think these protests were justified?

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* In October 1999 President Jiang Zernin visited the UK. There were a number of demonstrations about human rights in China and China's treatment of Tibet. Do you think these protests were justified? To answer this question I will have to take into account both sides of the argument, my perspective and the Chinese's, otherwise it would be unfair and prejudice for me to only discuss one side of it. On October 19th 1999 president Jiang Zernin visited the UK, although it did not go as well as he may have hoped due to demonstrators staging a noisy protest outside his hotel. Their motive for this disrespectful behavior was their anger over China's abuse of human rights and its occupation of Tibet. The public were so outraged that a member even labeled him 'the butcher of Tibet'. Although the Chinese government claimed they provide the public with religious freedoms to believe in or worship whatever religion they want I am able to prove that this is not the case. A religious sect called 'Falun Gong' which is a mixture of Buddhism and Taoism, whose practices involve breathing and meditation, are one of the victims of the religious discrimination that took place in China. ...read more.


This has been the case for many government officials and senior employees as well. He was horrifically shot once in the back of his head three days after Christmas in font of a crowd of 5,000. Neither Wang nor his lawyer had the chance to present arguments in his defense. I think the reason for public executions is that it's a way of the government trying to show the public what will happen to them if they were to break the law. There is never any chance for anyone presenting defense and in China death sentences are never commuted. The law is so strict and unquestionable that sixty-eight offences are now punishable by death and some of them include fraud, bribery, hooliganism, smuggling and tax evasion. It has been said that more people in China are executed than in the rest of the world put together. On a different matter I feel that the Tibetans are a cause of concern as they are treated very badly. If China wanted to overpower Tibet and take over than I think they should at least treat them as equals to their own country. ...read more.


In our democratic country there is much more freedom and we have the right to free speech. Public executions have always been a known custom in China as well. The Chinese see democracy as defending the working class although there is more freedom in China than there ever has been. Human rights in China are seen and pin pointed to affecting the whole of China as a country rather than the individual in comparison to Britain who is more interested in individual freedom. In conclusion to this question I have decided that the protests about human rights in China and Chinas treatment of Tibet were fully justified. The reason I say this is because I think that the government were in fact treating the Tibetans in an un-orderly manor and they did not allow religious freedoms at all. This is not right and I think that the protest was fully justified in that sense. I also think that the abuse of human rights was unacceptable and that law and order in China is and outrage and it is correct for those protesters to have demonstrated in the way they did. ...read more.

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