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Is immigration good or bad.

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Immigration coursework Immigration in the modern sense refers to movement of people from one nation-state to another, where they are not citizens. Immigration is a contentious issue in Britain because there are positive and negative aspects of this major issue. I believe that there are more positive aspects of immigration, therefore in my opinion it is good for Britain. The language itself, English is made up of many foreign languages; this is caused by multiple invasions occurring in Britain centuries ago. The invaders of this country were the Vikings, Romans, Normans and Anglo-Saxons. This is the reason for different cities containing different accents and pronunciation of particular words. I think this is the reason why Britain has a multi-cultural population, as this is a country that is the melting pot of Europe. Today you can see how the European Union expansion has affected the local society in terms of an increase in population and culture. This has a positive impact on the economy as more population means more jobs are taken up therefore increasing the tax input, helping schools, hospitals etc. Many people would argue that immigration is bad for Britain. They argue this point mainly because of the vast increase in population, which is loading pressure on the public services, making it difficult for people to travel with ease and less stress. ...read more.


Once there in the U.K immigrants have no option but to find a suitable job that pays enough money for a stable living. Pal Nemeth an immigrant says, "It is hard not to find a job and it is really difficult to live without one." This clearly justifies how comfort is not an option it is vital to earn money by getting a job. Then again lots of the immigrants from Eastern Europe have achieved their goals. They have accomplished this because all they were looking for was a decent amount of money were they can make a living out of. This is an example of choosing achievable standards that can be made, as Britain is a country where tax and bills are difficult to balance with the input of money an average person earns. It is more difficult for immigrants to achieve this balance because they have to adapt to a different lifestyle as well as the environment. This is why immigrants are finding it tricky to cope with their jobs and even looking for a job where it supplies the correct sum of money for the hours accomplished. Subsequently lack of money is one of the main reasons for most immigrants not to reach their aims. ...read more.


This statement points out the vast increase of Britain's population is causing pressure on public services again this shows signs of the article being biased. The Daily Mail had not mentioned about these immigrants who gave up comfort in their own country and paying tax even though working for a low wage it is only referring to the "feckless" ones who rely profoundly on benefits. I think this article is racist, unfair and obviously biased against immigrants this is because it had made several negative comments, 'drifting off into the black market to work illegally.' This is more considerable proof about unjustified statements. This article lacks credibility, as there were no interviews, which is another clear indication that it is biased. Although it can be argued that immigration is bad because of increased population, pressure on public services, racism etc, this is all balanced with the low wage pay, helping the tax revenue, taking up unfilled jobs and the population in Britain is getting older so we need more workers in the country. The government is paying out too much in pensions and not getting enough tax from workers and immigrants can be the solution to this issue. This is why I believe immigrants can help develop Britain, which will make dramatic changes for the good. ...read more.

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