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personal exercis programme

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Introduction Hello, my name is Faisal Iqbal I am 15 years old and 187 cm tall and 87 kg, I also have a build of a mesomorph and my fitness level in the multistage fitness test was 11.2 I will develop a personal exercise programme (PEP) that will last six weeks. This PEP will improve my cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. I want to develop this exercise programme to improve my general fitness. The particular aspects of general fitness which I want to improve, with this programme, are cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. An individual has good cardiovascular fitness when his or her cardiovascular system, made up of the heart and lungs, is efficient in transporting blood to the muscles which are being worked. Therefore, having a good cardiovascular system will allow you to meet the extra demands of exercise without fatiguing. Muscular endurance is the working muscles ability to work for a sustained period of time without tiring or loosing effectiveness. If an athlete is to have good muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness then he or she would be able to compete with a better chance of winning the competition, because their body can work for a long period of time without tiring. I will begin by training three times a week and will gradually increase this using the FITT principles. These are the four different ways in which I can increase the training. FITT is an abbreviation for 'Frequency', 'Intensity', 'Type' and 'Time'. 'Frequency' is how often you do the exercises in one week. The more frequently the exercise is done, the more the body is put under stress. It is recommended that extra exercise should only be repeated for a maximum of three times a week. This is for the safety of the individual as too much exercise can be harmful. The frequency of the exercise should be increased, at a time when the person's body is ready, in order to progress. ...read more.


Circuit training can be used for general fitness however; it can also incorporate specific skills used in a sport. The Personal Exercise Programme (PEP) that I am devising is testing cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. I have chosen circuit training as one of the methods, to improve these components of Health Related Exercise, because it uses a variety of muscles and allows the performer to rest sets of muscles at stations. Circuit training also uses the principles of FITT effectively. Frequency, intensity, time and type are key elements which help an individual progress further in general fitness and sport related fitness. Multistage Fitness Test The multistage fitness test is commonly known as the 'Bleep Test'. It tests a person's cardiovascular fitness. I did the test to find out my recovery time and to find out the efficiency of my heart and lungs. The efficiency reflects the oxygen uptake (VO2). To do the test you have to have two lines or cones that are twenty metres apart however as our school gym was not the appropriate size we had decreased the size of the test to 18m. You also need to have a tape which gives you the bleeps, at the right times. The test involves pacing yourself between the bleeps, at each level, which eventually get quicker as the test progresses. I had to run from one line to the other. In order pass that particular level I had to make sure that I got from one line to the other before the bleep sounded. If I did not, then it meant that I had not completed that level. Before doing the test I recorded my resting heart rate (RHR). To do this I counted my heart rate for fifteen seconds and multiplied the answer by four. This gave me my resting heart rate for one minute. My resting heart rate was 54 beats per minute (bpm). ...read more.


Before the PEP I tested the muscular endurance of my abdominal muscles. I did thirty-three sit-ups. After I started training by the personal exercise programme and re-tested my muscular endurance I managed to do fifty sit-ups. This was an improvement. This showed me that the circuit training that I had been doing definitely helped improve my muscular endurance. The circuits trained different sets of muscles, not just the abdominals therefore, as a result other groups of muscles probably improved too. Resting Heart Rate - My resting heart rate improved because of the training I did as part of the personal exercise programme. Before the PEP my resting heart rate (RHR) was sixty-eight but after the PEP when I re-tested my RHR it was sixty-four. This shows that as a result of the personal exercise programme I have become generally fitter. Before the PEP was put into place my RHR was much higher indicating that I was not as fit as I should be. People with high resting heart rates are usually unfit. After the PEP, as my RHR decreased showing that my fitness was improving as a result of the training I had been doing. Recovery Rate - The PEP improved my recovery time. My 'recovery time' is the period of time that it takes my heart to go back to my resting heart rate, after exercising. Before the PEP was put into action, my recovery time was seven minutes. This meant that after exercise, in this case performing the multistage fitness test, it took my heart seven minutes to recover and get back to the RHR. After the six weeks, in which I did my PEP, my recovery time decreased by one minute to six minutes. As with the decrease of the RHR, this shows that I have become fitter as a result of the personal exercise programme. It takes my heart much less time to recover; showing that it has become much more efficient as a result of the six week personal exercise programme. ?? ?? ?? ?? Faisal Iqbal 11RJ ...read more.

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