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personal exercis programme

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  • Essay length: 3778 words
  • Submitted: 12/04/2009
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GCSE Politics

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Hello, my name is Faisal Iqbal I am 15 years old and 187 cm tall and 87 kg, I also have a build of a mesomorph and my fitness level in the multistage fitness test was 11.2

I will develop a personal exercise programme (PEP) that will last six weeks. This PEP will improve my cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. I want to develop this exercise programme to improve my general fitness. The particular aspects of general fitness which I want to improve, with this programme, are cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. An individual has good cardiovascular fitness when his or her cardiovascular system, made up of the heart and lungs, is efficient in transporting blood to the muscles which are being worked. Therefore, having a good cardiovascular system will allow you to meet the extra demands of exercise without fatiguing. Muscular endurance is the working muscles ability to work for a sustained period of time without tiring or loosing effectiveness. If an athlete is to have good muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness then he or she would be able to compete with a better chance of winning the competition, because their body can work

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