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Persuasive Assignment - Fox Hunting: Would a ban work?

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Persuasive Assignment - Fox Hunting: Would a ban work? Fox Hunting has become a big issue in recent years. With the imminent ban of fox hunting the nation has seen many demonstrations including The Countryside March and the more recent Liberty and Livelihood March. In this assignment I am not aiming to persuade you to change your personal view on fox hunting; the majority of people have already formed strong personal views on the subject. After the bitter argument over fox hunting, a new question has emerged: could a ban on hunting be made to work? In this essay I hope to outline the loopholes in the proposed ban and it's effect to our countryside and economy, and the cost of a ban to the goverment. Many people think that the Hunting Bill is just about banning people from riding across the countryside with a pack of hounds chasing a fox. It is in fact a great deal more than that. The years of argument over the pros and cons are over. ...read more.


Alan Stewart a police wildlife protection expert claims, It is not like dealing with a disturbance in the middle of town on a Saturday night. Officers would need specialist training, expertise and - very probably - specialist equipment, which would be of great expense. This expense is only one in a long list. The Bill currently on the table is contrary to the Human Rights Act in that it does not offer compensation. This is not legal, so the Bill itself is illegal, if they amend it, they will have to pay compensation to farmers and others because it removes a legitimate means of pest control and that means the compensation will cost millions. This will not be the only cost. Whatever the moral issues surrounding the 'sport' of fox hunting, there have been arguments put forward by the pro hunters with regard to the extent of the economic impact of a ban on hunting. The key aspects of the debate on the effect on the rural economy centre on jobs, the impact on farmers, the destiny of the landscape and the effects on businesses associated with hunting - either directly or indirectly involved. ...read more.


Britain's population of foxes has soared during the foot and mouth crisis, and a massive hunting campaign is needed to control them. (www.guardian.co.uk: 2004) The need to control the fox population will still be an issue, and it is very doubtfull that the proposed ban will be made to work. It will be far to difficult to prove someone was hunting when they can simply say "we were out riding and found ourselves in the middle of an illegal hunt." If police cannot moniter and control gypsy lurching groups which is already illegal, how are they to control sixty to a hundred people upon horseback and the large number of 'followers' a hunt contains. If the Hunting Bill is passed, hunts will turn to drag hunting. If hounds were to kill a fox while in 'covers' and nothing could be done to stop this, would this be illegal if there was honestly no intent. Therfore is the Hunting Bill not a minefield of misinterpretation and opinion? Hunting is a traditional sport and as such people will go to any lenghts to preserve it. ...read more.

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