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Politics is the collective name given to many different systems, ideas and real world issues. It is impossible to define politics as any one thing in particular, but as a label for many different aspects of life encompassed into one.

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Politics is the collective name given to many different systems, ideas and real world issues. It is impossible to define politics as any one thing in particular, but as a label for many different aspects of life encompassed into one. Politics is largely about decision making, Politicians dispute on a regular basis about pending decisions to be made. Decisions to be made, of course vary in size and some are obviously much more important than others. Nevertheless, politics nearly always sets-out to make decisions in the best ways irrespective of how big or small they may be. Groups of people existing around the world need to be managed in an orderly way and be controlled. Decisions need to be made which affect their every-day lives, the allocation of mans limited resources are often one of the biggest talking points amongst a government or political system. Some people posses more wealth/resources than others and in some cases politics has to decide how to share out resources equally to allow people to live more harmoniously. ...read more.


Elections are held in which people vote for their preferred political party, while referendums also play a key part in making major political decisions. Political involvement doesn't stop with voting. Pressure Groups can be joined in order to affect how a particular country is governed and what decisions are made. It is possible to join a party itself to offer active involvement in policies. Some prefer to not be involved in politics at all while others devote their lives to putting forward their own views. People generally feel detached from politics. Although, politics is an integral part of every-day life, whether people like it or not. Interaction between individuals affects politics and therefore it is unavoidable to play a small role in the political process. Some people of course, have stronger views than others and seek greater active involvement in politics. The Battle of Twyford Down is a model example of how activists against movements to build an M3 extension through an area of national heritage felt strongly towards their cause. Protesting eventually against the DoT, the activists were able to oppose plans dating back to 1970 formed by the government. ...read more.


This role is taken on instead, by the cabinet, which is a group of department leaders focussed on issues concerning their particular aspect of government. The cabinet is chaired by the Prime Minister. The House of Commons and the House of Lords makes up Parliament in the UK. 'Bills' (proposals) are often put through the House of Commons, though they must pass both Parliaments before being sent for 'royal assent'. In our, domestic system of politics, the adversarial system is always employed, at least two sides must have a say in decisions made, while in other countries the party with a mandate (authority) has complete rule. Often, though the party with the mandate in the UK will always make decisions as they wish - they always have the majority of seats in parliament and can rely on their support. Politics is responsible for many different facets of society and plays a great role in everyone's lives, to a lesser of greater extent. It operates at many different levels and for different purposes. Its fundamental aims are to make decisions based on conflict with a view to resolution while power is essential in any political setup. Robert Flack L6HL 15-09-02 Politics - What is Politics? ...read more.

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