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Rationale - The following task is a magazine editorial based on a concerning global issue, the threat of totalitarianism.

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Rationale The following task is a magazine editorial based on a concerning global issue. This editorial is to be published in a current affairs magazine (Time, Newsweek, Der Spiegel, The Economist) and it is focused towards an adult audience concerned with the threat of totalitarianism. Working on the subjects of an all-powerful state as shown in the books "1984" and "Brave New World" and the threat this is to humanity, this editorial will attempt to compare the levels of control in North Korea to those of the books previously mentioned in order to expose the absurd despotism and to concern people about the threat this is to humanity. The editorial will be titled "The Dormant Threat: 2 Generations of totalitarianism in North Korea". The Dormant Threat: 2 Generations of totalitarianism in North Korea After the recent elections in France tackled the threat of the rise of a totalitarian extreme-right leader-much as the actual president in Austria in 1999-the world wonders how the european focus limits itself on the western hemisphere, disregarding over 50 years of the most rigorous totalitarianism in North Korea. ...read more.


The Juche manifesto managed to create a nationalist spirit at the same level as that of nazism in a country where people don't mind starving as long as it is for the great leader (the country requires high levels of humanitarian aid against starvation). The people are blinded to ignore that the government spending on unnecessary defense, or 10-lane freeways, in a country where cars are scarce, exceed any forms of social spending, and even basic necessity items. Yet with such rigorous control, and an isolationism from all other ideals and cultures the country will long mantain its fanatical policies of hate towards the West. In a country where capital crime is a word against the Great Leader and the government control is based on the worst levels of despotism, how can the West be blind past their own frontiers and ignore the dormant threat soon to arise from the pacific peninsula? ...read more.


This can be connected to the way in which the government measures are applied in Orwell's "1984": Force and intimidation are needed to mantain society stable. Finally, we see the loss of dignity, values and emotions exposed in "Brave New World";in short, a loss of humanity-is connected to the manner in which the people of North Korea die from a lack of basic needs, yet, don't mind, as long as it is in the Great Leader's interest. I believe I have managed to correctly expose a comparison between the 3 fictional and non-fictional forms of control. The objectives set appropriately link the books and the government of North Korea and probably achieve what was the most basic idea: to concern the people of the nations of the West with the situation of the Asian nation so that they react against the absurdness of having a threatening government type which resembles so much what great authors could only conceive happening in the most fantastical and unreal scenarios. Andr�s Jim�nez, 11-3 ...read more.

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