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Roles for party members

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`Intended Outcome Strategies Research Role of Each Member of the Group Plan for your party's election campaign To set up dead lines Ensure that People in the Group meet the dead lines Meeting your Team mates talking to them about what strategy you want to do To ensure that support the party By praising and such Keep on eye on that everyone is aware and knows what is going on. Give every one a task to do Make sure that tasks are set and also meet in the time give. Make sure that no one is left behind and everyone something to do. ...read more.


look like a real Manifesto Bring up Points for example like Crime Health Migration Tourism Government NHS in Detail Green house Gases (Global Warming) The way we Got our Research was By the Internet mostly and the real Labour Manifesto. To get information for example from these Internet Sites. www.labour.org.uk/ We Used Youtube.com to view the current issues which are going on in real life. We also used BBC site to help us on the information part and we used sites like Conservatives.com www.u-kip.com www.youtube.com www.Conservaties.com www.BBC.co.uk www.Lib-dems.co.uk We got all out information of these sites to help us to research our manifesto. ...read more.


Make Broad Casts Like write to the Labour and talk to them. Go on the internet and see how the Labour website is maintained. Public Relations (PR) Manager Speech Get Some Reasons Of why Year 11 students would vote for us Make sure that the audience the class understand what we are saying and they understand it Make it look Formal so it looks like the real thing not Just 3 people there make it look realistic. Make our own Speeches Try to Find Speeches what the Labour party have done before Watch the Election What has happened before on You tube Ask other adults in the political world what kinds of things are involved. Candidate ...read more.

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