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Speaking and Listening English Coursework

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Speaking and Listening English Coursework '786 Party' Good morning, I am a representative of 786. I believe in Britain. It is a great country with a great history. The British people are great people. But I believe that Britain can and must do better by creating beter schools, better hospitals and better ways of tackling crime. I want Britain to be one nation, with shared standards and purposes. I want to renew the faith in politics by being honest. ...read more.


2. There will be no increase on income tax. 3. We will refurbish the NHS, by reducing the spending on the government and increasing it on patient care. 4. we will be tough on crime and the causes 5. We will make our environment safe, and develop a better transport policy to fight pollution. 786 wants to modernize Britain, by doing this we will be clear headed about our country's future by telling the truth and making tough choices for Britain. We will make Education our number 1 priority by: 1. Cutting class sizes 2. ...read more.


2. Ban all handguns 3. & Each neighborhood will have their own set of police wardens to crack down on neighborhood crimes and disorder. We Will Refurbish the NHS by: 1. Making more hospitals and walk in centers, to reduce waiting lists. 2. End waiting for cancer surgery and make it priority for operation lists. 3. make sure hospitals has the best quality equipment for health and safety 4. we will also raise spending on the NHS every year and spend money on the patients not the government By voting for me 786 can be the party of law and order in Britain today. ...read more.

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