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The American political system is a federal system

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The American political system is a federal system, which consists of division of a national government and state governments. However, it was not always a federal system, it was not based on the Constitution, but on the Articles of Confederation. This system divides authority between sovereign national and state government. Under the Articles of the Confederation, each state retained its ultimate governing authority. .1"The power of government must be equal to its responsibilities. The Constitution was needed because the nation's preceding system (under the Articles of Confederation) was too weak to accomplish its expected goals, particularly those of strong defense and an integrated economy (p. ...read more.


Under the new governing system known as federalism the national government would have the responsibilities of the national defense, currency, post office, foreign affairs and interstate commerce. The state government was protected under the Articles of Confederation and had the ultimate governing authority. 2"The government of the Articles was a union of states rather than also of people. The result was a weak national government, since its strength depended entirely of the states' willingness to cooperate (p 61)." If the states refused to pay the national government could not do anything to get the money. The final result of non-payment from the states was a weaker national defense. ...read more.


Under the Articles the union of states were sovereign and had ultimate authority. The states would refuse to contribute any money to the national treasury and the national government could do nothing to make them pay. Therefore, the only solution was to change the government that was entirely for the people rather than the states. As noted in the above paragraphs, federalism is the division of government between national and states. This new governing system allowed the national government to impose taxation and built a stronger national defense and this helped shape our national economy. The federal government today has a stronger role than it did at one time. The national and state government today, work closer together to resolve any issues or problems that may arise in our country. Federalism was a necessity to protect our liberty and built a stronger government. ...read more.

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