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The Fascist Failure.

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Edward Hayden The Fascist Failure Was the BUF destined to fail from the start? Was there ever going to be any success for fascism in Britain? The BUF was founded in 1932 but by 1940 it had diminished to nothing. Its aim was gain complete control and banish democracy through its leader Sir Oswald Mosley a wealthy aristocrat, however the government through this period felt no definite threat to their power. So why did fascism come to power in other countries in Europe and not England? Fascism suffered many failures some through their own doing and others, which could not be avoided. There were many faults with the fascist idea; some of their ideology seriously narrowed their potential votes. Some of their problems came within the fascist group itself, from the entire set-up to the leader himself. There was a saying that Mosley was an opportunist with no opportunities. Indeed Mosley could have easily have run the country if the task was appointed to him and had many attributes including such qualities that he shared with Mussolini and even Hitler. Mosley was a very powerful orator and his speaking was one of the main sources of votes. ...read more.


The fascist ideology was not so radical and attractive to the public. The coalition government was not struggling and many people were already happy with their choice in party. There were many old allegiances and the party of youth didn't seem to have the attraction to pull away the public from their support for the labour and conservative parties. The BUF struggled with support locally as well, they couldn't turn the unemployment dissatisfaction into votes for them. The support locally was so weak that they struggled to hire out meeting halls. Many people say that the fascist party was set up just at the wrong time. After the First World War many countries suffered economic decline, this went hand in hand with a huge drop of un-employment. In Italy's case Mussolini was able to latch onto this and use it to his advantage exclaiming the weak government in power. Another factor that Mussolini was able to take advantage on was the mutilated victory and the treaty of Versailles. Mosley however was not able to use this as a rallying point and undermine the government. ...read more.


Mosley was a clear middle class man, the middle class that he could relate to were entirely happy with the current government, Mosley couldn't relate to the people that would give him votes, the working and lower classes. In hindsight Mosley could have taken many different decisions and become more successful. What if Mosley had not pushed forward the anti-Semitism campaign, was that the key to its failure. I believe that if the party had started ten years earlier they would have been pushing for power by 1932. I believe fascism in Britain didn't have the power to bring in he voters from other parties. Even when people supported the party they still wished not to be labelled with it. Francis Yeats-Brown, whilst showing approval of the BUF through his writings, also wished to distance himself from fascism. He wrote in 1933: "We are not fascists. Fascism is a foreign culture. We are English...The British way will be different." Lord Rothermere also was against using the word fascist, despite his support of the party. By the time the war came it was the end for fascism, after their close relations with Germany people were never going to give Mosley and his black shirts a chance. Mosley was thrown into prison and everything slowed down to nothing. By 1939 fascism had failed. 1241 words ...read more.

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