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The future of the monarchy in the United Kingdom

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The future of the monarchy in the United Kingdom "Long live The King" - this proclamation could be heard in Great Britain since always. Yet, how long will it remain its connotation? Even though numerous Britons still support the political system of their country, there is also significant number of those, who would be pleased about abolition of the monarchy. Still, Great Britain without a king is hardly imaginable. The monarchy embodies that country and should never be abolished. First of all the constitutional monarchy in Britain is a stable democratic system of government. ...read more.


And what is more, according to surveys conducted by MORI, a percentage of British pro-monarchists increased from 69% in 1993 to 75% in 2011. It would be pointless to change something, which has proved to be successful and still it is. Secondly The Monarch is the British own unique icon which cannot be replaced by any other politician or personality. Looking at Elizabeth II one can see not only currently ruling queen, but also a living symbol of British history, extending back through the centuries and constituting special kind of continuity between the past, the present and the future. ...read more.


royal family brings substantial amount of money to national budget too - much more than these 40 million dollars spent on their livings. What are the reasons why London is so much higher than Paris or Rome or New York as a destination for international tourism? Every year millions of visitors from all over the world come to London just to see Queen and her houses. All things considered, it is true to say, that, notwithstanding of arguments being put forward against it, the future Britain will benefit more with Queen rather than without her and all the British should do all in their power to maintain their distinctive political system. ...read more.

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