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Why did another revolution take place in Russia after the 1917 February Revolution?

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Why did another revolution take place in Russia after the 1917 February Revolution? Introduction The February Revolution of 1917 ended the Romanov Dynasty and led to the establishment of Provisional Government in Russia. However , the Provisional government was overthrown by the Bolsheviks only seven months later. The causes of the October Revolution were twofold. On the on hand, the goals of the majority of the Russians had not materialized after the February Revolution. The Provisional government had only pleased the middle class through its political reforms. It had committed two serous mistakes, however, by refusing to withdraw from the First World War and postponing the introduction of economic reforms which alienated the many of the soldiers, the workers and the peasants . The other cause of the revolution was that the Bolsheviks had their own strength, they were able to understand the feelings of the people, and they manipulated this feeling to their own favor. Causes of the 1917 revolution The downfall of the Romanov Dynasty was the outcome of the following factors. First, there was already discontent about Czar's political repression leading to a demand for constitutional reform among the liberals. ...read more.


What they wanted was were better livelihood. For the urban workers, this meant better money and better working conditions. For the peasants , this meant re= distribution of land ownership, They would support any government or political group that could guarantee their livelihood and would turn against any group that failed to do so. When they realized that economic reforms would not come before the end of the WWI, they turned against the newly established provisional government, As the same time, it was clear that WW! Had brought disaster not only to the Russian troops but also to the whole Russian population. By 1917, the Russian military force was exhausted by the brutal war and was at the fringe of disintegration in the face of a severe German attack. Soldiers and many junior officers were reluctant to fight anymore and the morale of the Army fell drastically. The military forces were angry with the leaders who gave the order for them to fight against the Germans, and would consequently, not support them anymore. Not only were the soldiers angry about the war, but so were the common people. ...read more.


They were a strong revolutionary group that was capable of taking a leading ole in revolution, Most important of all, the Bolsheviks were good as grasping the needs of the people. For example, the Russian soldiers wanted to end the war with Germany. The workers demanded for abe4teer livelihood and protection from exploitation while the peasants were eager to obtain their own land. As a result, the slogan of the Bolsheviks were peace land and bread/ This simple slogan touched the hearts of the common people and won their hope. By October 1917, the bolshevists believed that the situation in Russia was mature for the outbreak of another revolution. On 17 October 1917, Trotsky led hi re3d guard to assault St. Petersburg. The provisional government lacked military support and was quickly defeated. Thus, the 1917 Octobe4r revolution succeeded and a new Socialist government was established in Russia. Conclusion Seven months after the February Revolution, the October Revolution took place. The provisional government was overthrown. The main reason behind the success of the Bolsheviks was its own military strength and its ability to understand the needs of the people and the mistakes committed by the provisional government. Because of these reasons, the Bolsheviks were able to take control. ...read more.

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