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Why did the liberal government (1906-1912) decide to fight poverty? Source based work.

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Mayowa odusote 19/9/03 Why did the liberal government (1906-1912) decide to fight poverty? 1. Study source A W hat does this picture tell you about poverty at the beginning of the twentieth century? By looking at source A, this picture tells me a lot on how poverty was. The picture looks very gloomy the street has a huge lot of waste on the street which shows that their local council didn't provide them with a facility that they could put their unwanted waste instead of putting it in the street. The women in the picture is wearing a dress that is very dirty and looks like rags which means not a lot of poor people had enough money to buy themselves new clothes. There is also a picture of a woman carrying a baby in her arms which shows that people in poverty also had it extra hard for themselves because they also had children to support. There is a sign on one of the buildings which says 'cheap cottages' this shows that people in poverty mostly rented their houses. There is a water pump next to the women which means that they probably didn't have any water in their houses and which also meant they were not very hygienic and clean. ...read more.


The poster in source F is of Lloyd George comforting a sick man and with a national insurance bill in his pocket. This poster was made to gain support from the public. The public were unsure about giving their money to the government. The working- class people didn't have a lot of money and so they did not want to give the little money they have to the government and were rich weren't so sure about paying money because there money will be going straight to the poor and if they were ill they wouldn't have to worry about going into poverty. So the government needed a way of getting people to put some money into their new scheme. So that is way this poster was issued in 1911. 5. Study source G and H. How far does Source G support source H? In Source H there is a picture of two men one looks rich because of the hat and clothes he is wearing and the other looks a bit poor. The rich man is carrying a bag which say on it 'old liberalism' the other man is carrying a bat which say 'socialism' the rich man represents the Liberal party while the poor man represents the Labour party. ...read more.


There was new labour exchange which helped the unemployed to find jobs. They were new acts written up like the national insurance act which helped people who couldn't work because they had an illness. Right before the liberal government started to make all these changes there was a new party coming up they were a group of socialist in Britain who came together to form the labour party. The labour party wanted to improve the living and working conditions for the working class people. This would obviously make the liberal party feel threatened and so they had to think of something fast before the labour party stole all their votes. It was really getting hard for the poor, they were living badly and they needed help. And so it was a really good time for the liberal party to make some changes for the good. The labour party were rising up quickly there were more labour MP's begin elected and the percentage of votes won by the labour party were increasing, so the labour party were proving themselves real competition. So in my opinion I do think the liberal were making all these welfare reforms because they were afraid of the rise of the labour party. But no matter the reasons of why they made all their reforms it was good step for Britain. ...read more.

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