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Why should countries like Britain give aid to Third World Countries?

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Why should countries like Britain give aid to Third World Countries Third world countries are countries that have hardly any money, can't support themselves, under developed economically, over populated and have had a recent disaster like an earthquake e.g.: Ethiopia, Mozambique and Bangladesh Countries like Britain are countries which are wealthy, have a good government and are in a low ...read more.


There are 3 main types of aid, Disaster aid, Government grants and loans and technical assistance. Disaster aid is given in countries where there has just been a natural disaster. Technical assistance is sending a qualified person out to a third world country and passing on their skills so they can do the same. ...read more.


Railways and roads I think that in the future people will get fed up with giving aid, but at the moment I think that people like giving money because in the aid programs they raise more and more each year. There is another ways of dealing with the problem: if the government of each countries give a amount of money to third world aid they would be able to raise enough to build some houses ...read more.

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