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Drug Abuse in the Workplace

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Drug Abuse in the Workplace Bradley Jordan 425 Chemical Dependency in the Workplace August 1, 2010 Dawn Weldon Drug Abuse in the Workplace Drug abuse in the workplace exists within companies all over the world. The concern of each company is the safety of all employees, shareholders, insurer's, suppliers and clients. Some illicit drugs that individual tend to abuse are ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and prescription drugs. If the war against drugs is not resolved in the workplace, then the economy of this country will fall. The National Survey statistics show that 75% of the people employed are drug users. The percentage number can be calculated into 12.3 million people. It is in the company best interest to provide a drug-free workplace and bring awareness. This particular approach will keep the company competitive globally. In the construction environment, the OSHA act is a legal policy that must be followed by all construction companies. ...read more.


Although many large contractors use some form of drug testing, most currently rely on urine-based technologies. Other Related Issues Urine drug screening is not 100% reliable because employees and potential employees have found avenues to pass the test with unclean urine. Certain stores sell clean urine and have liquid products that will clean the employee's urine instantly. For example, employees were called in the office for a random drug screen. Two of the employees were marijuana users. One drug using employee passed the drug screen by using his or her coworkers urine. The other employee passed the drug screen by drinking a great deal of water and a capful of bleach. Drug test cheating has become a regular routine for employees and potential employees. This particular problem has been recognized by Robert Stephenson, which is the director of the Mental Health Services and the Substance Abuse Administration. Mr. ...read more.


Solutions Many companies have programs in place, but educating employees and bringing awareness is the key to possibly eliminating drugs within the company. This particular method could potentially erase drugs in the community. The reason why people are so tempted to do drugs are because they only hear how good it makes people feel. People never hear about the side effects or how drugs damage the body. Conclusion Companies around the United States protect the rights of employees. Drug programs are put in place to have a safe working environment. It is virtually impossible to have an complete drug-free environment, but companies are taking the necessary precaution to keep the employees safe. This particular article affects people in the world. I strongly suggest that citizens join forces with the company and fight drugs. Reference Cholakis, P.N., & Bruce, R.(2007 July) Drug testing in the workplace. Professional Safety 52(7), 31 ?? ?? ?? ?? DRUG ABUSE IN THE WORKPLACE 5 Running head: DRUG ABUSE IN THE WORKPLACE 1 ...read more.

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