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Emotion factors of forgetting

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Priya Ambikai-Palan 12I Discuss emotions factors of forgetting Repression is a defense mechanism which blocks out emotional aroused memories and these memories because inaccessible because they are motivated by that person and placed in the unconscious mind. Examples of memories which might be repressed are child abuse or rape. This theory was based on the ideas of Freud, whose theories have now been heavily criticized. The implication of this is that such memories could be retired accidentally. Freud's 1901 case study supports repression as he found that a man kept forgetting what followed the line, 'with a white sheet'. This indicates that he was repressing the fear of death as he associated the white sheet with the linen sheet that is placed over a corpse. ...read more.


This supports the repression theory as the repression theory states that certain memories are pushed into our unconscious mind through motivation when they create negative emotions. This would explain why it took participants longer to respond to the negatively charged words as thoughts associated with words would have been pushed out into the unconscious memory. This experiment was done on a large sample. However there are criticisms of this experiment, it is also based on subjective measures like Freud's studies. It may have been conducted in a laboratory but the theory it was testing was based on one person's research into one case. The results have been interoperated by the people who conducted the experiment. ...read more.


People usually remembered where they were when they heard the news, how they heard it, what they and others were doing at the time, and the emotional impact of the news on themselves and those around them. They concluded that flashbulb memories are special and quite different from other memories. They allow people to remember minor details of an event that they would otherwise forget. Flashbulb memories are sometimes quite inaccurate. People who tend to forget these small details or make minor errors, are suggested that the event was not as personally important to them as it was to other people. Flashbulb memories provide a good explanation on how great details of some days can be remembered, whereas details of the next cannot. ...read more.

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