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Essay writing.

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Essay writing is a task often frowned upon by many people - however, it shouldn't be! So, what and where is a good place to start? This may be a topic sentence that allows room for development. Readers are usually motivated by a good start. An introduction gives background to the topic, and it is one of the most important parts of the essay because it keeps the reader's interest on the subject they are about to read. The introduction will make the readers feel that the content of the essay will be of importance and interest to them. The thesis sentence is stated within the introduction - it is the one sentence that will tell the readers what the whole essay is about. It is clear, precise and to the point. ...read more.


All the points covered should be closely related and relevant to the focus of the topic. Any irrelevant material may distract the reader's attention and these irrelevant points may even confuse the reader's line of thought. Thus, writers need to tailor their list of points so as to reach unity and purity. If every point of fact is tightly linked with the topic, the body of the essay will not look clumsy and bulky, and together with relevant contents should lay a solid ground for a good essay. A good essay must have a clear structure. "An essay should be like a good piece of architecture - built on firm foundations to carefully made plans." (Taylor Green, S. Pg 61) The points of the argument should be arranged both logically and persuasively. ...read more.


This may not come easily at first, but with practice it should be possible to gain greater clarity through discipline, selection and planning. The content of an essay means the subject or the topic. In a good essay, the content achieves two goals; firstly to install common interest and secondly, to ensure that all the points are relevant and closely related to the topic. There is always a centre of common interest in any topic. A good focus adds life to an essay! Finally, a good resolution means a good conclusion. It is usually a reinforcement of the central theme of the topic, and forges an agreement between the start and the development. Usually it serves as a summary of the whole essay, helping the reader fix the established points and ideas. Whilst invites further development or thought on the highlighted ideas. In conclusion, all of the points listed and explained above are, I feel, the most important factors that make a good essay. ...read more.

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