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Examine Freud's interpretation of Dora's first dream

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Examine Freud's interpretation of Dora's first dream "Thanks to her father's shrewdness" The validity of Freud's psychoanalysis in this instance is highly questionable because of his obvious physical attraction to her: " " her vulnerability while under his personal and sole care undoubtedly playing on his mind throughout his outwardly innocent attempts to understand and ultimately diagnose her psyche........ Herr K: Dora had taken no interest in anything but sexual matters, highlighted by her reading of Mantegazza's Physiology of Love during her stay on the lake with them. It's most likely, according to him, that she had been over excited by such material and had merely fancied the whole scene she had described. Her Father: no doubt that this incident is responsible for Dora's depression, irritability and suicidal ideas. Refused to break relations with Herr K and Frau K. (we know that deeper motives made such a move all the more unlikely) because in his view ( front ) "I believe that Dora's tale of the man's immoral suggestions is a phantasy that has forced its way into her mind Freud: "I had resolved from the first to suspend my judgement of ...read more.


Freud goes on to say that her behaviour prior to this incident had already proved herself to be "entirely and completely hysterical" Freud goes to great lengths to emphasize the fact that, at no time during her treatment did he introduce her to any fresh facts in the region of sexual proficiency. This was done not because of conscientious motives but because of his own internal inquiry of the extent of her sexual knowledge. He goes on to state that there was very little ambiguity in her discussion of sexual matters save the source of her knowledge which remained elusive. Freud cites Dora's ability to give a detailed description of the events leading up to her father's acquaintance with Frau K. as being integral to validity of his assumption that Dora was deliberately suppressing feelings harboured for Herr K. by failing to recollect certain facts in this regard. Could his analysis of this 'completely hysterical' girl who apparently 'secretly' enjoyed the advances made by Herr K. and other such men (if it came to it) ...read more.


Dora tells Freud of the complex web of deception which has drawn her family close to the life of the K's. The two families often go on holiday together. Dora looks after the K's young children. She is particularly friendly with Frau K. The connections are not innocent. Her father, who has encouraged the closeness between the families, is having a protracted affair with Frau K, who is somewhat younger than himself. Herr K has been pursuing Dora since she was fourteen. On a couple of occasions, he grabs hold of her, trying to kiss her; one holiday he even tries to enter her bedroom while she sleeps. After an incident by a lake, when again he propositions her, Dora tells her father. However, her father accuses Dora of inventing the whole tale, suggesting that she is engaging in unhealthy sexual fantasies. Freud, for his part, accepts Dora's story. Yet he wonders why Dora claims to feel disgust, rather than sexual desire, when Herr K grabs her, pressing his erect phallus against her body. Freud is of the opinion that Dora unconsciously desires Herr K. For good measure, he also claims that she desires Frau K. Dora denies both desires. ...read more.

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