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Leaving and Arriving - Grace - The development of a piece of drama about a young girl and her mother leaving Jamaica and arriving in a racist Britain in the 1950's

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The development of a piece of drama about a young girl and her mother leaving Jamaica and arriving in a racist Britain in the 1950's Introduction: W e were introduced to a character, a black character that has left home known by the name of Grace. This is all we knew. It was up to us as individuals and small groups to develop Grace and her history as we interpreted it. We worked in small groups of six members and over a period of three sessions we developed our character. Our key objective which was set as part of the task was that we would show our exploration of her history as memory flashbacks. This applied for all who took part in this activity. All members of our group originated from an Asian ethnic minority situated within the east end of London. Living as part of a minority within the multicultural city of London we have also encountered racism as did our parents. This provided the key element which we were going to use to base our whole story around. Another advantage for us was that our parents and relatives had also migrated from their homeland in search for work during the period of civil war leading to the independence of our homeland of Bangladesh. This meant that by conducting interviews with the various members of our family would help us unlock key information which would help us developing the ideas and feelings we thought that a person in such a state would have. ...read more.


We end the memory there and then move on to a narration by the old Grace. This leads to a small speech which is said by both the young and old Grace side by side both expressing their feelings and fears regarding their first encounter with the racist landlord and his mate. During the course of this memory our prime aim was to focus on symbolism but instead we decided that we would use a lot of symbolism for the second memory as it is a very emotional time for her. After a short while living in this hostile environment would mean that our character would be very emotionally hyped up therefore we tried to balance all the skills we used for the first memory. We attempted to use an Afro-Caribbean accent as well as a typical east end cockney accent to help us get into the character deeper. By being able to speak like the character would we would feel more confident. When we first using our initial ideas planned this moment we had it a lot longer than this edited version. We realised that in order for our piece of drama to be effective we had to try and make the flashbacks look genuine and insure that we do not narrate a story whilst doing so. We sat down and discussed the key elements which shaped our drama and our characters life and decided to emphasise on those points rather than go in to details. ...read more.


We wanted Grace to say this in a tone which would both express her anger and her sorrow. This is also to be accompanied a sudden movement which would make it more effective. As we got these lines from poems we decide that we still wanted to use the original poetic rhythm whilst we said these lines. By doing this we thought it added a pace and rhythm to what we said rather than a gloomy essay being read out, although this should never happen. We wanted the audiences' full attention so we had to ensure that it had an element of excitement which we tried to do using poetic language. My Personal Contribution: I have contributed in this drama by not only acting in it as part of the cast but played a larger role as a director. This allowed me to see our work from a different point of view and suggest improvements on how we use the key drama elements: 1. Voice 2. Rhythm 3. Pace 4. Body 5. Movement By doing this we could all see were our drama skills were lacking and were we could improve on. For example during memory two we were lacking ideas and sought to create something simple but our skills as directors for our own work allowed us to take this simple idea to a new level and to enhance its complexity and meaning. Gulam Hussain 10W ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit One Portfolio Task Two The Development Phase Name: Gulam Hussain Candidate Number: 9169 Centre Number: 10500 ...read more.

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