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Memory Experiment Procedure

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Psychology Coursework Procedure Ethics Statement Thank you for volunteering to participate in this experiment. The experiment will involve a memory test. All results from participants will be kept confidential and names/ details will not be used in my report. This experiment will not be stressful for you and any physical/mental harm has been taken into account and kept to a minimal, if present at all. If at any time you feel uncomfortable about this, you can withdraw anytime before or during the experiment. ...read more.


we will say grass and you will say plate. Instructions - Condition 2 For this experiment, we will read out 10 pairs of words for you to remember e.g. clock-river. After we have read out the word pairs, we will repeat one word from each pair and you will have to name the other word in that pair e.g. we will say clock and you will say river. You must use a certain method we have designed for this experiment, which is called "word imagery". ...read more.


No special technique was told to be used in Condition 1. For Condition 2, the same test was used but the participant was asked to remember the word pairs by using word imagery, which involved associate one word with the other by "mentally merging" the images of each word. We are trying to find out if using imagery to remember words is a better method than simply trying to remember them. Thank you again for participating in this experiment. Your results were very important in advancing our knowledge of memory. ...read more.

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