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Pschology personal space

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The introduction The aim of my coursework is to investigate gender differences in the amount of personal space people need. Personal space is described as an invisible bubble that surrounds us. And that it changes shape and size depending on where we are and who we are with. Defensible space is described as a physical space that surrounds us and you want to protect it. Gender is the difference between sexes. Method is what happens in the experiment. Aim is what you hope to find in the experiment. Findings are what they find out in the experiment and conclusion is a summary of what has happened. I am now going to describe 2 studies and a theory into personal space. I will start with a theory from Bell (1996). "Thus personal space is like a bubble. It changes shape depending on the situation we find our self's in", Bell defined personal space as a portable, invisible boundary surrounding us, into which others may not trespass. It regulates how closely we interact with others. It moves with and expands and contracts according to the situation in which we find our self's in. ...read more.


I will be using 10 people all together, 5 boys and 5 girl and from 6th form. All these are friends of mine and are willing to participate. I needed to find them because they did not know about this questionnaire. Ethical Guideline How my study followed the guideline. Consent My study consists of participants over the age of sixteen. Therefore I do not need to ask for consent of their parents/guardians. However I needed consent from them, which I asked in my speech, shown below Deception I made it perfectly clear that the participant in my experiment was aware of what they were doing. Withdrawal The participants can leave the experiment at any time they wish to, this was stated in my speech. Protection The participants must be safe at all times and not do anything illegal, or anything they don't want to do. I made sure that my questions were not breaching any ethical guidelines as my teacher read through them and corrected it. Confidentiality I will not be asking for the names, age or where they live. And I will not share out my results with anyone else, also stated below in my speech. ...read more.


The last question I asked was; how close would you let a waiter near you? The results show that most of the males would want them at a distance, and females would prefer them at the same distance. My results agree with my hypothesis because I asked does gender effect personal space, my results show that males have a bigger personal space than females, showing that gender does affect personal space. There was no problem in collecting participants, requiring materials and asking the questions. One advantage of my experiment was my way of collecting the information worked well and I was able to analyse the information and produce a table very easily. If I could do this experiment again I would like to have more money, go out into the public and perform my experiment to the public, and not just from one social group and I would have 100+ people rather than 10 people, resulting in me receiving a large amount of data from a wide variety of people. The majority of my results matched my background research; all of my questions asked gave the results that woman have a bigger personal space than men, apart from one, question two which gave me the answer that men have a bigger personal space than woman. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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