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The Psychodynamic Approach.

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The Psychodynamic Approach The first man who began to study the Psychodynamic Approach was Sigmund Freud. When you talk about the Psychodynamic approach you can consider it as focusing on the role of internal process in shaping personality. As Robinson (1979) stated, concerns about motivation are always linked together with the psychology of personality. According to this, psychoanalysis is both a theory of motivation and a theory of personality. However, who was this Freud and what did he do to be this famous? Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was born in Moravia in the Czech Public. He lived in a middle class family and was the eldest of eight children. He studied in Vienna and most of his life he spent in this town. ...read more.


Freud's work in Psychology was very similar to another influence - Darwin's work on evolution. Freud was convinced that human motivation was based on biological based innate-drives. When it was discovered that repressed memories and behaviour had a connection, Freud proposed that awareness was divided into different levels of consciousness. Those thoughts and feelings which we are aware of is said to be a part of the conscious mind. The second level is the subconscious, which is below the level of conscious awareness. Freud believed that the basic forces driving human behaviour were about the same as for the animals. Survival needs, where food, water and shelter were basic. Another, more powerful force was the sexuality. Freud thought that motivation could be described in terms of the desire to maximize pleasure and to avoid that which was unpleasant. ...read more.


Carl Jung and Alfred Adler were two psychologists who had about the same ideas as Freud, but a bit developed. And there were those who were against Freud and didn't agree with his ideas. Two of them were Karen Horney and Erik Erikson. To sum this up you can say that the psychological approach attempts to understand behaviour in terms of the working mind, with an emphasis on motivation and the role of experience. Sigmund Freud was the pioneer of this approach. He also developed the psychoanalytic theory. My personal opinions about this approach are a bit unclear. Everything that Freud stated I agree with. But on the other hand I agree with almost everything that was said in this text. So I can just say that I'm at least not against his ideas. ?? ?? ?? ?? Psychology Petter Killander The Psychodynamic Approach IB-1 ...read more.

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Response to the question

This is a fairly good essay on the birth and description of psychodynamic psychology. The candidate makes interesting points about Freud's work and shows a good level of understanding of the perspective in terms of it's role in explaining complex ...

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Response to the question

This is a fairly good essay on the birth and description of psychodynamic psychology. The candidate makes interesting points about Freud's work and shows a good level of understanding of the perspective in terms of it's role in explaining complex human behaviour and how it was accepted in the world of Psychology. A bit more time could be invested in trying to explain the relevance of Carl Jung and Alfred Adler - how did their opinions on psychology differ? Where were they theorised congruents? Just a little more detail with regards to this and this is looking to be a very strong A/B grade for GCSE.

Level of analysis

The Level of Analysis is fair. Though not many marks are offered for analysis in this question, the candidate shows perfectly adept analytical skills and a critical understanding of Freud's psychodynamic theories. Some more information could be included when speaking about the three sections of the adult psyche, such as the role of the id, the ego and the superego and the potential conflicts that arise between them; more detail when discussing the three levels of consciousness (conscious, subconscious/pre-conscious, and unconscious); and also the pleasure principles at each different psychosexual stages. The answer feels a bit more like an outline than something that goes into exhaustive detail about the perspective. That isn't to say what is written is erroneous - everything written is entirely valid, but just that little bit more detail could lift this answer to the A grade it's aiming for.

Quality of writing

The Quality of Written Communication (QWC) is fair. Sometimes rule of Standard English are neglected such as: "Two of them were Karen Horney and Erik Erikson." being left as a standalone sentence when in fact it should be connected by comma to the previous sentence. Candidate must watch for errors like this; whilst this one does not compromise the clarity of the essay, comma splice or a misuse of any punctuation point may lead to ambiguity in the essay, which can cause the QWC mark to lower and also the main essay mark, because some point will not be made clearly enough.

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Reviewed by sydneyhopcroft 20/08/2012

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