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What can study of psychology tell us about how we lead our lives?

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The Psychology of Everyday Life SCH10-1 Module Co-ordinator: Ian Robertson Assignment title: What can study of psychology tell us about how we lead our lives? The way we live depends on interaction with other people as well as on information we receive from the world. We form relationships, some of which are very bonded so we fall in love. Under the influence of environment we produce our behaviours. That is we find the best solutions for what we reoccupy from others and process information in our ways. Sometimes it is analytical that is we think logically, sometimes it is heuristic based on our instincts. The second one may be misleading, but very often there is no time to think. We are also able to learn and store information that draws our experience and prevents from making mistakes later on. Studying psychology-'science of behaviour' can give us some clues which we can use to improve our existence. Thanks to many researches, observations, and previous experience we are able to survive and exist. But it has to be bear in mind that there is no simple pattern for leading a good life. 'Man is the master of his own destiny.' First of all, people have tendency to approach each other or in other words to attract themselves. Psychology helps us to create positive evaluations, it is being held in high esteem by other people, shows how we are familiar to others and what similarities among us are. ...read more.


But it was the same woman they all later had a conversation. After the conversation, the male participants were asked to rate their female partner. Independent observers, who had never seen the photograph, were allowed to listen to a tape recording of only the woman's half of the conversation. As predicted, the male participants who thought they were talking with an attractive partner rated her as more poised, humorous, and socially adept than did those who thought they were talking with a less attractive woman. Surprisingly, the independent observer, who had no idea whether the woman was attractive or not, also rated her more positively, when her conversation partner was given a beautiful photograph of "hers". They rated her as more attractive, more confident, more animated, and warmer than the woman whose partner thought her to be less beautiful. People are capable of acquiring knowledge and new information through cognition. This phenomenon is one of the basic features to survive. Cognitive psychology tells us that thanks to its study we are able to better perceive world, develop language-communicate, store memory and solve problems. It also shows how we think and pay attention. Cognitive psychologists conduct experiments related to artificial intelligence as well as human one. The essential thing for existence is memory. Human memory, like memory in a computer, allows us to store information for later use. Storage of information involves three processes: encoding, storage and retrieval. ...read more.


On the other hand, ill-defined problems contain hard to explicit or unclear support for a problem. Moreover, people can find solution also in terms of experience they have. They are called semantically lean or reach, depending on to what extent our experience seems to be helpful. Finally, there are insight problems, where the solution is instant, unexpected, also defined as ''eureka''. ` It can be concluded that, aforementioned information, to certain extent can support people in leading their lives. I terms of forming relationships we know that familiarity, similarity and physical attractions, is of massive importance. We are more likely to bond with people who share same attitudes like we. Good looking person has more chances to attract others than unattractive one. Thanks to psychology we know that human memory consist of many components like sensory, short or long term memory. We make a use of working memory to retrieve stored information a put it to action by completing many tasks esp. cognitive. Finally, people live because of their goals. Everyone has its 'mission' to be accomplished. It cannot be overlooked that it is not easy to achieve happiness without overcoming many problems. Psychology will not solve our problems. Instead it helps us to realize that there are certain types of problems and if we categorise them we have better chance for success. To sum up, if people think that 'science of behaviour or mind' is a key for good life, they will never become good psychologists or the will not regard psychology as logical science. ...read more.

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