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‘Hindus should try and overcome the differences between groups and unite’

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'Hindus should try and overcome the differences between groups and unite' Do you agree? Give reasons to support you answer and show you have thought about different points of view. I take this statement to mean that Hindu groups should stop arguing over beliefs and variations and become one, single religious group. I partly agree with this statement. I agree that Hindu groups should try to overcome the differences between them and not argue or fight with one another, however I do not believe that they should unite and become one group. In my opinion it is important that groups keep their own traditions but that they respect the customs of others, if all the groups were to merge important ideas and cultures would be lost along the way. ...read more.


with one leader, that other religions are not correct and that there are some worshipped gods that do not exist whereas Sai Baba's followers would say that there is only one god with many names, and that all religions worship this one god, they already see all groups as one. I do not see how these tow opinions could ever meet in the middle without both groups having to go against what they believe in. I can see how some would think that similar groups should unite, making fewer, larger groups so as fighting is reduced, however I think would cause arguments to escalate as when people with slightly different views are forced to be together these get exaggerated until they disagree with each other completely. ...read more.


In conclusion I would say that Hindu groups should not fight with one another, but that they should maintain their traditions and beliefs as these are very important to them. In my opinion they should do this with respect for what is special to other groups so as to overcome differences. However I do not think they should unite as important histories and views would be lost. Also I think that even if Hindus were to unite people would still privately hold the same beliefs as they did before only they would be unofficial groups with in one, huge, official groups. (Information used in this section is taken from previous sections and my own knowledge, ideas and opinions). ...read more.

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