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‘Miracles do not happen today’

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'Miracles do not happen today' The usual definition of a miracle is, 'An event which seems to break a natural law and for which the only explanation is God'. In this essay I want to argue that although miraculous events occur, there are problems in defining them solely as events which break a 'natural law' and for which 'the only explanation is God'. That some things happen in life for which there is no immediate explanation is clear. For example, at the British Grand Prix in 1999 Michael Schumacher crashed and broke his leg. The heading in one newspaper quoted him as saying afterwards that 'God saved me in 140 mph crash'. In 1879 in a village called Knock, in Ireland, the community witnessed a vision of the Virgin Mary, St Joseph and St John on the wall of the local Catholic Church. ...read more.


Obviously, on the basis of the evidence above, we can say that miracles occur and that they occur even today. However, the question is how and why they occur. Our definition of a miracle says that they are events which break a natural law and for which the only explanation is God. Clearly there are some events that are beyond our understanding but does that mean we have to say these are only the work of God or that they break a natural law? For instance, if we say they are an act of God then we need to ask why we live in a world where God does act more often? For example, why are more people not healed and why are many who are prayed for left untouched? ...read more.


Although we could say that a miracle is, 'An event which seems to break a natural law and for which the only explanation is God' there are many difficulties involved in accepting this view. People may be mistaken in what they have seen or heard. God may not exist. Miracles may only have scientific explanations. On the other hand, to reject this view of a miracle presumes that we have total knowledge of the world and it's processes. Yet even science, with its ever-increasing body of knowledge, is proving that this is not the case (E.g. Quantum Theory and Chaos Theory have shown us that there is an element of unpredictability in the world). The only real explanation for a miracle may actually be God. However, it is my belief that because we will never know everything we need to remain open-minded to either of these options being true. ...read more.

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