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‘Young Muslims in Britain today have many problems in following their religion.’ Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view.

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'Young Muslims in Britain today have many problems in following their religion.' Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. I think that young Muslims in Britain today experience many problems following their religion. The main reason for these difficulties is education. Education is important to every teenager and so it is to Muslims, especially Islamic education. There are about 2 million Muslims living in Britain and around half a million of them are children of compulsory school age ( 5-16 ) attending county schools. Most of the Muslim children here are born in this country. Their parents are very concerned about the difficulties in their children following their religion as they don't want them to lose their faith and the cultural of Islam to be lost because Islamic education is not included in the national curriculum in Britain. They want them to learn about their own religion because Islam is their life so they would want their children to have an Islamic education as well as a British one. Muslims would not be able to learn things about their own religion in British state schools e.g. the Qur'an, Arabic and their own culture. This would be a part of their education if they went to a special Islamic school. ...read more.


He had to force himself not to be tempted to break his fast during lunchtime as all his English friends are having lunch. He even tried to ignore the smell of food coming from the canteen! Mix Schools In Islam, it is taught that boys and girls should not mingle; it is done mostly to protect the girls especially. This would also mean that it is inconvenient for both sexes to have P.E lessons or swimming lessons together. British boys and girls would get into relationships in their teenage years, and they most certainly have friends of the opposite sex. So it is difficult for Muslims when they see people of their own age having boyfriends / girlfriends, since free mingling between the sexes is not approved in Islam. The following extract, taken from an Islamic teenage magazine called Reflect shows just some of the problems that Muslims face : R.E lessons and other subjects In state schools in Britain, there is usually a multi-cultural education, learning about many other religions such as Judaism, Christianity etc. Muslims might be offended by this. Science subjects taught in school can conflict with Islam too e.g. in Biology, people learn about evolution. Muslims might have a different view of this subject. Sex Education Sex education taught in school could be a problem since some Muslims are not prepared to talk or listen openly about it. ...read more.


It is whether minorities have the right to follow their own customs or should they conform to establish British tradition. This issue, about marriage, is important to other ethnic and religious communities. Children of such unions can find themselves deprived of inheritance or other legal rights. I did a questionnaire on Muslims and non Muslims in Britain to try and find out what kind of problems Muslims might face when living here. Here is a pie chart showing the religion in which my interviewees belong to : Basically 50% of my interviewees are Muslims, and 50% of them are non-Muslims. I did my questionnaire on about 20 non Muslims and 20 Muslims, hoping to compare their view. Out of the 40 people, 22 were male and 18 were female. Here is a pie chart showing the age of the interviewees. I mainly concentrated on people age 15-20 because I feel that those are the people who go to secondary school and face most of the problems I've mentioned so far in R3. None of the non Muslims I interviewed agreed with arranged marriage whereas the majority of the Muslims agreed with it! This shows that In conclusion, I think that Muslim teenagers do face many problems and difficulties. These problems can be solved, but this would take some time. The Government and people in Britain should recognise the problems they are facing and try to be more understanding towards them. ...read more.

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