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“Explain why the Suffering, Death and Resurrection are Important For Christians today”

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AO2 - "Explain why the Suffering, Death and Resurrection are Important For Christians today" Introduction Jesus has influenced many people. Such as Oscar Romero, Martin Luther King and others are examples of Modern day Christians who have given up their lives because of the influence of Jesus. These are ordinary people who have decided to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and spread his message of love, peace and justice. Oscar Romero Romero was the bishop of San Salvador, the capitol of El Salvador, which at the time was a country in turmoil led by a military dictatorship. ...read more.


He began to speak out against the government and despite warnings and arrests he wouldn't stop more and more people flocked to hear his message and he became a big thorn in the governments side. It soon became obvious that the government was out for his blood but Romero didn't stop his speeches in fact he became more and more vocal. This led to the government having him assassinated while giving mass. Making him a martyr just like Jesus. Why is the Resurrection Important Jesus resurrection was a very important event it means that he saved us from sin and gave us eternal life. ...read more.


Much like Jesus who when on the cross forgave his killers and was kingly until the very end. Jesus' suffering death and resurrection are the basis of modern day Christian belief. Without Jesus dying for us people would be lost and unable to understand their purpose. Jesus final message to his disciples was: "Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to the whole human race. Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved" Mark (Ch 16 v 15-17) This final message is what people like Oscar Romero and Martin Luther King have taken to heart and have set out to accomplish. They may have gone about it n different ways and come to different endings but the principle has remained the same throughout. ...read more.

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