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“God gives life and only God can take life.”

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"God gives life and only God can take life." I disagree with this statement that only God can give or take lives because I personally don't believe in God. I do believe however, that each life is unique and precious we each have our own DNA or fingerprint making us who we are. I believe that life is far too complex to be explained by one creator. Technology in Science and Medicine has advanced a lot in the past and has got to the stage where it create or takes lives just as much as giving birth due to sexual intercourse and death by murder. ...read more.


Free will gives people the power to influence the life of others. Women can choose whether or not they want to terminate the life of their unborn child because there is the technology to do it these days. It even says in the bible that God gave us our own minds and freedom, and therefore people who want an abortion or who believe in euthanasia should have the rite to stretch this ability. If God does exist then why isn't ever person perfect and why is there so much hatred and suffering in the world? On the other hand I can see why people agree with this statement. ...read more.


In the bible it says that God created us and knew us even before we were born and even before our own mothers knew about us. Christians also believe that euthanasia is wrong too. They believe that each person was given a time to die by God, and that when a person uses medicine to "help a person along" it is morally wrong and classed as murder. They also believe that because God has a plan for each and everyone one of us, that even if a lady has cancer God intended for it to be that way. In conclusion I think this statement God gives lives and only God can take lives is not true, there are far too many doubts in my mind. I believe that science can control human lives thanks to the fantastic advances in technology. Natalie Hubbard R.E. Coursework. ...read more.

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