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“God has given us the gift of scientific knowledge and we should use it”. How far do you agree or disagree with this statement giving reasons for your answer.

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"God has given us the gift of scientific knowledge and we should use it" How far do you agree or disagree with this statement giving reasons for your answer. Our scientific knowledge is vast compared to what we had only fifty years ago. Some of the main advances have been in the field of biology and medicine, but with all of these new advances, things like fertility treatment and embryo research, comes and ethical and moral dilemma of what to use of these techniques and when it is appropriate to do so. This also raises the topic of just what God has "given" us and what we have carved out for ourselves. I believe that when technology and knowledge can be used to make people happy or healthy then it should. ...read more.


Another strong theme, especially in Catholicism is "bringing new life" and that that is important. That Catholic Church is however quick to point out their doubts over issues like fertility treatment. They object the anonymity of the donors as they feel it is very close to adultery (a theme resonant in Islam) They also object about things done which can inadvertently (in their opinion) cause pain for example they argue that fertility treatment shouldn't be offered to are not married, homosexual or passed child bearing age. (Once again resonant in Islam) They think that this could cause potential suffering to a child. An issue that the Catholic Church also raises is the one of "gods plan for people" and on their ability to have or not to have children. ...read more.


I think that there is a strong case for not wanting to "play God" and that there are things that human beings as a race would be better off leaving alone, things which are close to the issues discussed here, for example genetic engineering and cloning. In conclusion I think that it is important to remember that of all of the gifts that God has given us the one that is generally regarded as the best is free will, and I think that it is important to exercise that free will and to make decisions for our selves based around what can help others. So if science allows people to have children how can that be a bad thing? And if science can provide cures to things like motor neurone disease then why not? Because unless God points us in another direction we must assume that his plan was for us to make up our own minds. ...read more.

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