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“Its not possible to be a disciple of Jesus in the modern world”.

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"Its not possible to be a disciple of Jesus in the modern world" Do you agree? Give reasons for and against the argument. Jesus' teachings still hold as much relevance today as they did in the time of Jesus. We others show the gift of faith be it at home or at mass this should encourage us to follow Jesus' teachings. To be a disciple you must have a relationship with Jesus. You can also strengthen your relationship with Jesus through faith, prayer, sacraments and by living the way that Jesus did. We know that Peter denied Jesus three times but he was reconciled and then went on to become the leader of the apostles. ...read more.


Others may do this through charity, which is the basis for Christian life. The theological virtues of faith, love and hope will also link a Christian with God. Jesus allows us free will to accept or like the 'rich young man' decline his invitation or call to become a disciple. Our freewill enables us to respond to Jesus call and human virtues govern our actions. The four cardinal virtues will help us bring Jesus' teaching into everyday life. They are Prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. Jesus' teachings bring people happiness therefore they are still relevant today. In the story of the epileptic boy Jesus replied to the father of the boy "everything is possible for him who believes". ...read more.


These people have other priorities like money, power, fame and they only care about themselves and not the state that the world is in. A lot less people are going to mass or practising their faith and believe that there is no relevance in the sacraments. If the parents attend mass on a regular basis and practise their faith then their children will do the same. If they don't then their children will grow up believing that they don't need their faith. People may feel that they don't need God or want to follow Jesus' teachings because of the suffering that they have gone through and the evil in the world today. You must have faith if you are to follow Jesus' teachings. Question 3 Mark Smith 12D ...read more.

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