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“Marriage is an out-dated concept in the modern world” How far do you agree with this statement? Give examples and reasons for your opinions include different points of view.

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"Marriage is an out-dated concept in the modern world" How far do you agree with this statement? Give examples and reasons for your opinions include different points of view. I do not agree with this statement. Personally I believe a marriage is a celebration of committing yourself to a partner you feel able to spend the rest of your life with under God's endorsement and having that partner feels the same. I do not believe a marriage should ever be classed as "out-dated" because it is a fantastic way to celebrate a new life. Also I believe a marriage is the final commitment a couple can take, once they have decided to devout themselves to each other then after the marriage there is no going back! ...read more.


If the marriage breaks down you are disobeying God's commandments. Also when the rings are exchanged it symbolises a solid band of gold reflecting eternal life together because the ring never ends, it is continuous. People who may agree with this statement could do for a number of reasons, they may be non religious or simple don't agree with the laws of marriage and believe that just loving someone alone and having that person love you in return is a strong enough bond, that in their minds will never be broken and therefore have no reason to get married and make it official. People who are non religious and don't believe in any God may agree that marriage needs to be updated. ...read more.


It could be argued that perhaps these non religious people may change and once they have children decide they want to introduce their children to God, this way, although their opinions haven't altered they would always go back to God if they felt their child needed to learn about him. That way having a marriage in a church as it is now without any modern adaptations will be acceptable because the family fully have God's blessing and have brought their children into a world where God will love them. In conclusion I feel that a marriage should remain a religious ceremony to take part within a church because marriages have sustained such religious significance over the years it would be inappropriate to change these traditions and update them for the minority. ...read more.

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