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“The Mass is not for young people.” - Do you agree?

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RE COURSEWORK Question 7: "The Mass is not for young people." Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing you have thought about more than one point of view. The mass is not for young people because it is boring and uninteresting. The priest may be old fashioned and have a dull voice. It is full of long talks, mainly in the old language that is hard to understand and they drag on making it hard to concentrate and listen. Some of the messages delivered are confusing. Young people need motivation but there isn't anything like this as there isn't enough interaction. Most of the talks are repetitive, creating boredom for the older young people who have already heard the story lots of times already. The actual building is unattractive, old and cold. Inside the seating is uncomfortable. Hard benches aren't going to make children want to go to church so they can come home with a sore back, also they would not be able to sit properly distracting other people's attention. ...read more.


The thought of singing may make a person not want to go to church because they would feel embarrassed and ashamed. Also, the bible needs modernising, as it is out of date for people today, it does not coincide with their lives and is uninteresting. Peer pressure may stop a young person going to church, as they feel threatened by embarrassment and may get skitted by others. On the other hand mass is still very important for young people. It is a chance for them to stand up for what they believe in and express their feelings. They need to know more about their faith and God and so mass helps keep their faith alive. Mass can help young people in need to help them realise they are not alone. It gives them someone to talk to and someone who will listen to their problems without judging them. Disabled young people can also benefit, helping them get through the troubles they have and letting them know there is a meaning to life. ...read more.


Church is also very good for young children because of the little church; it delivers new messages to be learnt in the form of stories that can help children understand the wrongs and rights of life. The church also offers young people jobs, such as alter server, helping them expand their experiences. Initially, I thought mass was not for young people at all. But exploring in further depth, I can see there are many important reasons for a young person to go to church and how mass can be them. Overall, looking at all the points I have made, I feel mass is a great opportunity for reflection, socialisation, help, answers, motivation and bringing one closer to God, but the actual setting is old, boring, repetitive, unappealing and doesn't actually cater for young people. In conclusion, the idea of mass is great, but the style is not for young people. ?? ?? ?? ?? Caroline Blundell ...read more.

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