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“There are times when it would be better for a child not to be born.” In the context of abortion, how would different Christian groups respond to the statement?

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GCSE Assignment: Moral Issues- Abortion: Guidelines "There are times when it would be better for a child not to be born." In the context of abortion, how would different Christian groups respond to the statement? Abortion is the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb. Some abortions occur naturally because a foetus does not develop normally or because the mother has an injury or disorder that prevents her from carrying the pregnancy to term (a miscarriage), but also operations can be done to deliberately terminate the foetus. The question is trying to get us to analyse the issue of abortion and whether it is a humane thing to do. Also, it makes us think whether the baby has the right to live before it is born. It gets us to wonder whether abortion is right in certain circumstances. Christians hold different opinions on this matter, but it isn't always because of what denomination they are in. There are strong, fundamental Roman Catholics who are 100% against it, but some Catholics may be more relaxed on abortion. The Roman Catholic Church itself is a fierce opponent of the current abortion laws and resists to some of the western laws on the matter. Some Christians might use the Biblical view that life is precious, but other Christians might view that differently as if life is precious, then what quality of life would the baby have if it is brought up on the streets. ...read more.


Methodists would say that abortion is never good, but on rare occasions it is justified. They think that the embryo deserves respect. Their belief is that Abortion is a very serious moral issue and the only cases in which abortion would be acceptable is if the mother had been raped or the baby would suffer from a serious handicap, but it is not acceptable at the mothers convenience. They say, "When an abortion has to be undertaken, it is carried out as early as possible." Another group would have a different view on abortion, though. Pro-Choice are a Christian Minority group that is in favour of legalised abortion. They believe that abortion is a valuable medical strategy, which can empower women to exercise their rights over their own bodies. They believe that abortion is ok in any instance except if a woman is forced to have an abortion against her own will. They think that an unborn child is not a human being; it is a potential human being. Prince Charles is the potential King of England but that doesn't give him the rights of a full monarch. Many people are against abortion but are in favour of eating meat, even though a prawn has more self-consciousness than a 3-month-old foetus. ...read more.


If the baby were going to have a life of suffering, it would be ok to stop that. This could be unfair because Christians believe that God has set out a path for all humans. The best possible argument for the Pro Abortion is the one about the woman being raped or that the baby will suffer in life. After looking at both sides of the debate, I think that abortion is right, but only in desperate circumstances, like the woman has been raped, or the baby has defects and it will not live a normal life. However, I don't think it is right if the woman thinks that the 'timing is wrong', or she is 'not ready', or even teenage pregnancy, (Unless the girl lives in poverty). I think that life begins at conception and that it does matter when life begins, whether it's conception or when the heart starts to beat. I think that it is murder if you are just having an abortion for the sake of it, but if you are doing it to stop a life of suffering, then you will be doing a good deed. If I had to support a Christian Denomination's view, then I would probably choose the Church of England's. This would be because they agree, with what I have said in this conclusion, where they only do it in really extreme circumstances. My basic opinion is that Abortion should only be used if it is 100% necessary. ...read more.

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