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“There is nothing in a church which is simply decoration.”

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Part 1:knowledge and understanding "There is nothing in a church which is simply decoration." In a church there are many different as some people call them decoration but what people do not understand is that all of these have a meaning or they would not be on show in the church. There are a lot of different Items in a church which people don't notice for instance the floor this has a meaning walls and even the seating and shaping of the church or cathedral even have a meaning throughout this essay I will show you. Firstly, I will describe the items and what the meaning is behind them on the sanctuary; the Cathedra this is where the bishop sits it is usually a wooden chair near or on the sanctuary it is highly decorated with engravings. You will not find anybody else siting in this seat apart from the bishop at mass. This seat is meant to represent that the bishop is the leader of the congregation and stands out from the rest of the congregation Peter passed on this authority, which was passed to him from St peter. ...read more.


The reason for the largeness and height of it is I think to show and remind everybody what Jesus did for us. Next is a Pascal candle, it is a large mostly decorated candle. This candle symbolises Christ the light who has overcome the darkness of the world. It used to be lit on Easter Eve and burned at services until Ascension Day. Nowadays it burns at all services up until the day of Pentecost, which is the new termination of the Easter season. During the Easter season, the Candle stands at the Gospel side of the Altar. After the Easter season, it is moved to stand beside the baptismal font. It is lit for all Baptisms and Funerals. The tabernacle is a box sometimes shaped like a church, which has in it the blessed hosts and is the main focal point in a church. Usually found directly in the centre sometimes near the back it is extremely holy, as it hold the body of Christ. The tabernacle is to remind people that, just as God was present with is people in the `tabernacle' which the Israelites carried with them during the Exodus (see Exodus 25:8-9). ...read more.


Part 2: 'You do not have to go to church to be a Christian' What is a Christian? A Christian is a person who thinks that Jesus was the Messiah and died and rose for us. There are however, many styles of this worship there is pulpit centred and bible centred and liturgical. People who think you do have to go to church have a point as Jesus did say ' Keep the Sabbath day holy' and you were meant to go to church at least once a week. On the other hand the people who say you don't have to go to church to be a Christian can keep the Sabbath day holy by praying and resting. Isn't a Christian meant to be helping and loving and to follow in the ways of Jesus? So if you are doing this are you not being what a Christian is meant to be? I think if you follow Jesus' teaching and try to live by them and the ten commandments you can be a Christian with out going to church especially in the world we live in today where people cannot always find the time to. ...read more.

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