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(8B) Explain why some Christians go on pilgrimage and the effect which this might have on them

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King Edward's School Bath Agreed Coursework Titles- 50713 (8B) Explain why some Christians go on pilgrimage and the effect which this might have on them I will start this essay by explaining why some Christians go on pilgrimages and will go on to explain in detail the effect this might have on them. I will also share experiences that others have had and the life changing experiences they've had. A pilgrim is one who travels to sacred places but in a more detailed form, a pilgrim is a believer in a faith or the follower of a religion who travels to sacred places within or outside the context of Christianity or even his religion. [It is very clear that not only Christians go on pilgrimages but we would limit this discussion on what pilgrims gain when they go to these sacred places of interest]. For Christians this experiences includes ... Being able to relate their experiences to other brothers and sisters who may not have had the opportunity. These Christian pilgrims also gain the experiences of the feeling of being closer to a deeper knowledge of the life, teaching and death of Christ. ...read more.


They can reflect on there lives and how they are running, but also forget there everyday problems and concentrate on deep and thoughtful prayer, and communication worth God. Also knowledge could be deepened and people could help others and care for those in need. They have also gained special favours in their every day lives like the feeling of.... Being healed. Most of the time pilgrims come with sick relatives or thy come themselves to acquire healing. These pilgrims in most cases bring water bottles to collect holy water, which they return to sick relatives. Some times when these pilgrims leave, they don't get physically healed but they know that they have been spiritually healed and they feel like they have been reborn. Different places of pilgrimage will provoke different reasons for going on an pilgrimage, for example Lourdes will normally receive a lot of visitors who are sick or disabled, where as those who go to the holy land will most likely go to re-inact the bible. When these pilgrims start this scared journey, they always feel that they have countless of sins but at the end of the pilgrimage, they come to feel that their hearts have been washed and are now as pure as snow. ...read more.


This, even though of not significant religious importance is a good benefit of going on a pilgrimage. Most pilgrims want to calm their minds and find peace. And some are singers and writers looking for something to sing and write about. Some may be seeking for historical contents and others are seeking for miracle through the medium of God. Many people visit places where Jesus had travelled in his life, to help the bible to come to life. Following the footsteps Jesus took to the cross, and seeing that place where he was horrifically crucified would make the story of the crucifixion come to life, and strengthen peoples faiths and beliefs. Every one should go on pilgrimage because as one comes back from the sacred sites, the return as a new person and as one whom has a deeper faith for his religion. It is also advisable for youths to go on pilgrimage because there are many youth programmes set up to inspire the youths. There are many reason people go on pilgrimages, and the reasons all aid their relationship with God and enable people to live their life in a better way. Pilgrimage can be the most rewarding spiritual adventure and retreat from this world and for your soul. By Finn Mcnulty 1 1 ...read more.

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