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Describe Christian Views on the Origins of Humanity(TM)

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'Describe Christian Views on the Origins of Humanity' Many people in the modern day society continue to debate about the question on the origins of life. These people support two different ideas, number one is Genesis and number two is Science. Each of these explain the origins of life and the making of the universe. Genesis is a section of the bible which can be interpreted in many different ways of which I will explain later. Genesis says 'the universe was created by God in seven days.' Day one God made light; day two he made the atmosphere; day three he made land, water and vegetation; day four he made the sun, moon and stars; day five he made fish and birds; day six he made animals and man and then on the seventh day he rested. This is why, on the seventh day of the week (Sunday) Christians are meant to rest, not work and go to church. ...read more.


Evolution is a reproduction process where the new born obtains certain features that can help it to survive easier, such as a sense of sight or hearing or an improved sense of smell. This evolution process happens only because of accidents when the DNA multiplies. There are three ways that people interpret Genesis: 1) Word for word fact (the words of God) 2) Guide lines and full of riddles and meaning but not completely fact. 3) Complete nonsense! People who believe that it is all completely true are called Fundamentalists. These people strongly believe that everything in the book of Genesis is word for word true and that God made the world in one week exactly. They also believe that all creatures and humans were put on the earth at the same time exactly as they are now. Evolution to them is rubbish. Some serious Fundamentalists believe that dinosaurs and fossils were placed around the earth by the devil to stop people believing the bible and believing in God. ...read more.


They generally believe it's just a myth. These completely different religions may still believe in God but perhaps not the same one. People who believe in God are called Theists and people who don't believe in God are called Atheists these come from Greek words 'Theos' meaning God and 'A' meaning No. All Atheists disbelieve in Genesis. People argue that the chance of the world and universe suiting us so perfectly is so small so therefore there must be a God, but what if we just evolved to suit the way the universe is made like a puddle in a depression on a street. The road depression wasn't designed for the puddle the puddle poured away and shifted shape to fit into the depression, and perhaps life is the same. Therefore Christian views on the origins of humanity is split between Fundamental and Progressive Christians, but both of these groups agree on one thing, that God was the cause of humanity and other creatures. All Christians agree that the miracle of life alone is sufficient to believe the there is a god. ...read more.

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