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A ChristiansAttitude Towards Punishment

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A CHRISTIANS ATTITUDE TOWARDS PUNISHMENT The punishment given by a Christian towards someone that has done wrong is very hard to decide as Christians strongly believe in two things, one is forgiveness. A good example of this is 'The Parable of the Lost Son' which can be found in The Bible, Luke 15:11-32. The sinners and tax collectors came to listen to Jesus, which annoyed the Pharisees so they said 'This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.' So Jesus then told them a story about a man who had two sons, the man gave his youngest son half of his money but the youngest son spent it on reckless living, drinking and prostitutes. ...read more.


In John 8:2-11 there is a parable called 'Woman in Adultery' about how if you have done something wrong, Jesus will forgive you as long as you don't do it again. This is a type of punishment most Christians would choose for criminals, it is called Reform. To reform someone is to teach them that what they have done to break the law, was wrong and should not be done again. People who commit crimes often need all sorts of help. The punishments that they receive should be of a kind that will prevent (stop) them from commiting further crimes and make them responsible citizens who have something to offer society. ...read more.


If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.' In my opinion and that of others this means that if somebody does or says something wrong, you don't have to get revenge and do something back to them just forgive them. In Luke 23:32-43, 'Penitent Thief' Jesus is in between two thieves, they are all hanging on crosses. One doesn't believe Jesus is the son of God; the other one however does and asks for forgiveness. Jesus then forgives the thief and those who put him on the cross. So for Christians if you ask for forgiveness you will be forgiven, also Jesus forgives everyone who is truly sorry. TIFFANY HORAN ...read more.

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