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A Derelict Church

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A Derelict Church The lonely church stood gazing longingly through the rusty gates that had kept it sacred and undisturbed for decades. The misshapen links of the old chain were isolating the church from reality, keeping it divorced from the outside world. The garden of forgotten graves lay quiet, hardly visible under the blanket of emerald green weeds and uncut grass. The trees showed no enthusiasm through colour, the naked branches were sinister and unwelcoming. The atmosphere was damp and gloomy, the wind was non-existent as if it were holding its breath. The moss green pond was overgrown with bulrushes, one solitary frog sat deterred by the slimy green water. ...read more.


The churchyard was then completely at rest apart from the daring nocturnal creatures who occasionally felt the urge to explore. Just as majestically as it disappeared the sun returned over the distant hills, it was once again as powerful as the day before, flaming like a bonfire. It cast a long murky shadow over the church gardens causing a blackout over the graves. The acres of overgrown dew damp grass enveloped the church and longed for the children to come back with their elated happy faces. The memories of the children still lived on in the old place, the harmonic voices of the choir could still be heard as it escaped from the cracked windows of the church. ...read more.


The once idolised figure was now left to decompose on the wall unwanted and disregarded. The pipes of the organ towered above the church and were no longer metallic, they were deteriorating in their old age the flakes of rust fell to the floor like sleet. The church doors loomed like security guards as they protected the forgotten holy world and its sacred assets. The long cobbled drive leading to the gates courteously meandered around makeshift graves and remembrance benches. Cobwebs hung reluctantly from the iron gates, their creators had entwined the silk around them as added protection against unwanted intruders. An eerie feeling of the dead was present at the gates; over the years it had adopted a haunted image due to the neglect and loneliness to which it had been subjected. ...read more.

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