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A Letter From God to The World

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Dear People I am writing to inform you of how I feel about what you have done to the world, which I have given to you. I warn you that this will not be a letter of joy and gratitude, but one of anger and disappointment. I have created a world for humans to rule over. What comes with power is responsibility, and this is something that you haven't thought about. All these years you have been cutting down the trees, I created for you. ...read more.


I am so sad that year after year they are fading away from existence. Who is to blame for Global Warming I ask? Whose CO2 emissions are the main factor of it, I ask? The answer to the question, I think we all know is you, humans. I am disappointed in the way you have treated the rainforests that I have given you to take care of. I am disappointed in your actions because not only have you destroyed many of the trees but you also have in this, left animals without homes! ...read more.


Everyone should get involved eve if you just start by doing small things to help the world, such as taking a shower instead of a bath. Another way to help my creation is to get involved in community projects that help the environment. In conclusion I am upset that humans, who I put in charge of my world, have not taken this responsibility seriously. I believe this is what has lead to such disappointing acts. If humans don't do something about this situation now there is going to be a lot of irreversible consequences. Humans, I erg you to take action now! Do something about the world before it's too late! Yours faithfully, God ...read more.

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