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A life in a day

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A life in a day I hate god. Ever since I was born. I realise this is a powerful statement but I mean it. Long before I was born my father had had a son with my mother's Egyptian slave, Hagar. Apparently they couldn't have children at the time so my mother suggested it. My half brother was called Ishmael, I never really knew him. Hagar, after she fell pregnant with Ishmael, hated my mother. The feeling was mutual. At one point Hagar ran away because my mother was so rude to her. God then ordered her to return and she gave birth to Ishmael when Dad, Abraham, was eighty-six. A lot has happened since that day but I wanted you to know that I have a brother whom my father loved very much. When the Lord promised my mother and father a son he also promised that I would start off a line of descendants, so many as the stars in the sky. So from the day I was born I had a slight responsibility! ...read more.


So off we set to the land of Moriah bear in mind daddy dearest hadn't told me why we were going there. I knew it was a sacrifice but we hadn't taken a lamb with us, only coals and the wood. He then replied "God will provide us with one" I thought nothing more of it. I admit I was slightly suspicious but never once did I think that I would be the one sacrificed. When we arrived in Moriah on top of the mountain god had spoken about to Abraham, we started to build an altar and arranged it on some wood. While we were doing this I couldn't help but notice dad was being strangely sentimental towards me. He kept hugging me and reminding me how much he loved me. He told me to sit down on a rock near by. Dad kneeled down in front of me, a pained expression in his eyes. He held my hands in his, they were large and wrinkly like old leather and his palms were sweaty. I knew something was wrong. ...read more.


The dagger plunged towards me I gritted my teeth shut my eyes and something interrupted. A beautiful voice, like nothing I've heard before "Abraham, Abraham" my father looked up, it was a beautiful day only a few clouds in the sky. "Yes, here I am" "Don't hurt the boy or do anything to him now I know that you honour and obey God, because you have not kept your only son from me." Abraham breathed a heavy sigh of relief. I on the other hand was still scared I would forever know that if god wished so Dad would kill me. Dad untied me and I sat where was I was and held myself and rocked back and forth. "Look Isaac, God has given us a ram entangled in that bush over there to sacrifice instead" I could have given a thousand replies but couldn't bring myself to say a word I was so stunned. "Come on now Isaac you have to understand that I knew God wouldn't let me hurt you. He was testing my faith" After we sacrificed the lamb we walked home. There was an uncomfortable eerie silence not a word was uttered. How was I supposed to feel knowing my father's faith in God was stronger than his love for me? ...read more.

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