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A matter of life or death.

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Suzanne McCracken A matter of life or death. The topic I am going to discuss throughout this essay is abortion. I am going to discuss whether it should be banned in this country. Abortion is a widely discussed issue and this is why there are different laws for different countries around the world. Firstly I am going to look at the Abortion Act and the statistics about abortions in this country. I am then going to focus on different countries, cultures and religious views that are for or against this matter. I will also look at how peoples' feelings can sometimes be overcome by religious restrictions. In 1967 'The Abortion Act' was introduced in the U.K allowing anyone the right to have an abortion legally provided it was under certain circumstances. In 1990 it was amended and was called 'The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act.' It stated that it was legal to have an abortion provided it was before 24 weeks gestation. Since this legislation became law there have been millions of abortions throughout the world. ...read more.


People who feel this way are called 'Pro-choice.' They feel if you ban it you are taking away the persons rights to make decisions for their own life. Few religions support this idea. One of the religions which is Pro-choice is the Church of England. They feel that if it will put the woman in a better position in life then it should be carried out. They believe at this stage the woman's life is more important than the unborn baby. They feel that abortion is sometimes a 'necessary evil.' Humanists also feel that it should be the woman's decision and if they decide it is the correct thing to do, then it is seen as a decision and not a sin. Every government has the right to allow abortion if they feel that it is the right thing to do. They feel that if they allow it then they are giving everyone the right to freedom of choice. 61% of people live in countries that allow abortions. ...read more.


The Jewish community have strong views that the foetus has great value because it is potentially a human life. However, they feel it only gains full human status at birth and so they support abortion if the woman chooses that it is what she wants, provided it has been discussed with a rabbi and isn't being carried out because of genetic imperfections. Many religions disagree with abortions on the grounds of personal reasons. They feel that it should only be carried out if the woman's life is in danger. In conclusion abortion will never be a right or wrong issue throughout the whole world. People will still have opposing views and will still argue their opinion. Personally I disagree with abortion unless it would benefit the health of the woman. If it is for personal reasons I feel it is selfish as it is taking away the choice of the baby and perhaps the choice of a family that cannot conceive children. I feel that if the woman gave it up for adoption she would feel the satisfaction that it was being able to live and have the freedom of life rather than making the decision to end the child's life. ...read more.

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