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A Modest Proposal for the terminating of life of anyone who reaches the age of eighty.

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A Modest Proposal FOR TERMINATING THE LIFE OF ANYONE WHO REACHES THE AGE OF EIGHTY It is distressing, to say the least, when we visit a relative in hospital and are forced to walk through wards which are destined for nothing but death. You look from left to right and all you see are elderly people on their last legs ready for the next world. It is hard not to then call to mind the hundreds of ill children and teenagers who have many years ahead of them, yet are stuck on lengthy waiting lists for beds which are not available. Had the aged people been removed from the world at the age of eighty, not only would they have fulfilled most of their "useful" life, but their beds would be free for the more needy. ...read more.


Of course, there would be no exceptions and anyone who tried to pervert the course of justice, would be dealt with in an inhumane way. It would be made law that people must die within five days of their 80th birthday and anyone that refused would be executed. Each death would, naturally, be dealt with in a sensitive and caring way by designated government "death issuers" who would organise and co-ordinate the mass operation. For example, on or around a person's 80th birthday, they will be taken to special "death centres" where they will complete the necessary paperwork, signing their life away, and then be taken to the "death chamber". After saying their final goodbyes, they will lie down on a white bed in the middle of a white room whilst the relatives watch from the gallery. ...read more.


and people would be able to live their life to the full and plan their remaining time properly. It would, fundamentally, stop overcrowding in our hospitals and anyone within five years (i.e. aged seventy-five) of the death age will be refused medical treatment. Beds could be offered to those who were more worthy of them, and there would be less overcrowding in Britain's cities if this scheme is implemented. Although some people might object to the idea of removing OAPs from society and will argue the fact that they offer valuable and interesting ideas to the younger generations, they can do all of this before death on their 80th birthday. Most people feel that they have fulfilled everything that they wanted by the time they reach eighty and many are also willing to be "transferred" to the other side. The process is a simple one and should begin immediately, with those over the age of eighty being given a six-month advance warning. See you at the "death centre"! Darren Burn (C) 28/04/2007 ...read more.

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